This site if for Columbine Students and families who are still trying to heal from the shootings on April 20, 1999.  Why won’t Columbine heal?  How can the families have closure when CHILDREN ARE STILL DYING because of the horrible effects of the SSRI drugs (Prozac, Zoloft, Effexor, etc.)?  How can the families heal when wrongdoers are still on the lose?  As the only law enforcement officer EVER to arrest Dylan and Eric, what has happened to Sheriff T.S. Walsh?  Why has Sheriff Walsh never been questioned about this arrest which in now infamously known as the “January Incident.”  What happened during the 14 “other” contacts the boys had with the Sheriffs?
May the information contained in this web page serve as a vehicle for Truth and as such, promote healing within all those injured and killed in school shootings.  An end to this insanity must come!

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  1. A friend of mine committed suicide in 1991 after being on Prozac for several weeks. That was when this drug was fairly new, but this was a full 8 years before the Columbine incident and this drug could have been taken off of the market because of the number of suicides. Why aren’t the pharmaceutical companies taken to task and held responsible for their failures?

  2. I feel I must state a few things here… NOT all kids on drugs like ritilan cause problems… and IF you wnat to BLAME someone for kids on the drugs BLAME the schools!!!!!!!!!! they forced me to put a normal active boy on ritilan .. it was put him on the drug or they would take him from me… the reason? because a teacher in kindergarden told him he should be glued to his seat so he did… he put elmers glue in the seat and sat there quietly all day…
    for this they demanded i drug him or they would have dcfs take him…
    he was only on ritilan for a yr, he went into grandmall seizures and almost died… thats when he was finally taken off any meds…guess what his problem actually was… communication disorder and language defict disorder…. to this day my son now 29 is a proper young man who works hard and does not hurt anyone…
    the drugs were made for adults to modify behavior… why are they forcing them on kids????

  3. I’ve been researching columbine for 10 years and would like to talk to you about the incident.

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