Sheriff’s Knowledge

Big Lie #1:

sheriff columbine investigation completedAfter releasing “ALL THE EVIDENCE” of 10,937 pages in the year 2000, another 30,000 pages have been produced by Court order and Freedom of Information Act retrieval. The investigation has never been completed; records are still undisclosed, the basement tapes are under seal and the depositions of the boys’ parents is sealed until 2027!

sheriff columbine no known evidenceBig Lie #2: The Sheriff trying to pretend that this crime shouldn’t have been stopped long before it happened.

“No known evidence!” What a big fat lie. The Sheriff’s had been dealing with complaints and criminal conduct from Eric and Dylan since January of 1997, more than two years before the Columbine massacre. Actually, had Eric and Dylan’s bombs gone off, hundreds would have died, so it should really be referred to as both a shooting and a bombing.

Here’s a list of contacts between the Jefferson County Sheriff’s department and the two boys.

Click Timeline to Study the Story

Click Timeline to Study the Story

Big Lie #3: The bomb warrant was only a “draft affidavit,” and there “wasn’t enough evidence to serve it.” Ha! Read the fine print below:

On February 15, 1198, at 4:00 p.m. there was a report of a pipe bomb placed in the field near Garrison and Field street county of Jefferson State of Colorado. Investigator Glenn Grove, of the Jefferson County Bomb Squad, was dispatched to that

location…. These items are consistent with material found in the type of commercial fireworks Harris described as components of his explosive devices.”

AND, here’s a copy of the bomb warrant that simply needed a judges signature in order to serve it. Why was the warrant never signed. Certainly, the sheriffs had plenty of evidence. They even had a recovered bomb!

columbine bomb search warrant

And the real motive of Columbine? Killing cops, not jocks. If the boys were so concerned about the jocks how come they didn’t shoot the jocks and shoot up the gym or locker room? Easy; the jocks are a cover story planted by the investigators to keep the real culprit, Sheriff Deputy Timothy “J.S.” Walsh from being investigated over the “January Incident.”

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