David Chase

The Columbine Connection: This is the environment of Jefferson County Government and Law Enforcement in which the Columbine Massacre occurred. Obviously, law enforcement in the David Chase murder case was corrupted by gang activity involved in child trafficking.

Because law enforcement officers “got away” with their dirty work on the Chase case, more corruption follows.

Judi Chase’s Amber Alert
“What Then Must We Do”? (Part 2)
By Charlene Fassa

Memo From: Ted Gunderson, Special Agent in Charge, LA FBI, Ret.
Date: May 15, 2006
Subject: Investigative Journalist Charlene Fassa article “Judi Chase’s Amber Alert”

I would like to bring to your attention a two-part article, written by Investigative Journalist Charlene Fassa. Part One, was entitled, “What then must we do?” Part Two is entitled “Judi Chase’s Amber Alert.”

These two articles uncover a system of child trafficking within our own U.S. foster care system.

I have personally made two written requests to numerous Colorado and Federal Authorities to have a thorough investigation of this case, however, I have yet to receive a single response.

In my letter to Colorado Lt. Governor Jane Norton dated May 24th, 2005, I wrote:. . . “It is easy to rule out allegations such as these by conducting the evaluations recommended by Dr. Linda Steele.

It is quickly approaching 10 years since the twin’s adoptive father, David Chase, who dearly loved his adoptive twins, disappeared, and according to new leads provided to a team of private investigators was kidnapped, held hostage, sexually abused, tortured, and finally murdered, and later dumped into Bear Creek, where his body was found 47 days later.

Private investigators have uncovered extensive evidence documenting the fact that David Chase was murdered to make it easier for this trafficking network to procure legal custody of the twins, and to silence him to prevent him from revealing what he knew about their operations concerning a large child-trafficking/child-pornography network, as stated in the ‘Andre’ Affidavit.

There is a vital, crucial question raised by this attorney, who stated in the affidavit, “This is of grave concern and indicates the need to investigate whether or not the judicial court process was corrupted in order to insure that foster children could be procured for illicit activities, etc.”

It appears that Public Officials including the FBI are refusing to look at the facts and the evidence.

I have been investigating satanic cults, kiddie-porn, child-prostitution, child-kidnappings, snuff-film operations for more than 2 decades. On numerous occasions, I have seen instance after instance, when a satanic, covert, illegal government rogue criminal enterprise has been involved in these activities and numerous cover-ups. Ms. Chase’s case appears to be a classic example. . .”

However, not only have my two seperate written requests been ignored, but additionally written requests made by other professionals and concerned citizens have likewise been ignored. These requests were to: 1)conduct a thorough investigation of the unsolved David Chase homicide case and 2)conduct medical and psychological evaluations of these twins to determine whether or not they have been trafficked or exploited in child pornography and ritual abuse.

I continue to urge all Colorado authorities to provide the results of these critical evaluations so that the safety of not only these twins, but countless other foster children can be ensured.

These two articles document this alarming situation, and I strongly recommend that you take time to read them.

Ted Gunderson

Click here to listen to Judi Chase’s Anthem for Global Child Protection, “Every Child is Everyone’s Child”

As you read the article below written by Investigative Journalist Charlene Fassa….

Every child is everyone’s child
Every child is the child of us all
Shine the light all around the world
So we can protect them all,

Every child . . Every child . . .

Judi Chase’s Amber Alert
“What Then Must We Do”? (Part 2)
By Charlene Fassa
A synopsis of the Judi Chase story, a chilling expose that uncovers: a Satanic pedophile ring known as “The Fat Cats,” pass-through nannies, staged adoptions, illicit baby brokering, murder, “legal” kidnapping, drug dealing, institutional stonewalling and a massive cover-up.

(Editor’s note: Where deemed necessary the author has used pseudonyms in order to preserve confidentiality, and in other cases to adhere to the legal principal that all people must be presumed innocent until proven guilty in a Court of Law.

With the exception of a day care and a foster/adoption agency (only the names were changed), all of the places, facts, times, and events that unfold in this story are real, and have been carefully documented with the use of emails, faxes, taped interview transcripts, and correspondence, excerpts of which are included in The Portals Memoirs.)

“I believe that my Colorado adoptive twins were victims of a more subtle and deceptive kidnapping plot, when someone came into my home posed as a nanny, and then gained legal custody of my adoptive children, Darius and Patricia, with the active complicity of Denver Social Services, and that this was part of a large child trafficking network, which I further believe was responsible for the murders of both my husband David Chase, and my private investigator Retired Ohio Police Detective, Phil Harris, in order to prevent them from revealing what they knew about this same child trafficking/child pornography ring.” -Judi Chase

“What Then Must We Do” (Part 1), is an overview of organized child trafficking, based on credible documentation culled mostly from mainstream sources. It confirms the sad reality of a burgeoning global human trafficking market based on the heartless, rudimentary economic principles of supply and demand. Based on the revelations of “What Then Must We Do” (Part 1), it is not surprising that the market for children is especially strong. Recall that organized pedophile rings are primarily sponsored by an interlocking, international network of elite institutional and monetary power brokers centered in political, judicial, military, corporate, and intelligence fronts. One of the ways these rings ensure a steady supply of fresh children is via state and or religious sanctioned child care facilities and custodial arrangements such as orphanages, daycare centers, adoption and foster agencies approved by Child Protective Services (CPS), as well as fake adoptions and “straw” nannies. Of course, even outright kidnapping is sometimes resorted to, as in the Johnny Gosch case that was discussed in “What Then Must We Do?” (Part 1). (www.rense.com/general68/whatthen.htm)

Judi and David Chase on their honeymoon in Maui

Judi Chase is no stranger to tragedy.”What Then Must We Do?” (Part 2) is a synopsis of Judi Chase’s heart wrenching, true life story based on email and telephone conversations with Judi and from her recently published autobiography, written in three volumes, entitled “The Portals Memoirs.”

At first glance, Judi’s story appears to be an isolated, personal tragedy centered around the untimely death of her husband, followed by Judi’s failed child custody battle with an ostensibly impartial state sponsored bureaucracy and court enforcement system, who’s primary concern was supposed to have been the welfare of the toddlers under Judi’s guardianship, the Tanner twins. That was the cover story, which frays and unravels into the real story… the one you’re about to read.

The Judi Chase story is a close-up, text book example of how too many of ‘our’ children are being used and abused for perverted sexual pleasure and obscene profits. Right now, thousands upon thousands of hapless children are being tortured, experimented on with drugs, used as drug mules, sexually abused, brutally beaten, and routinely caged like animals in kennels. They have become the private property of those who would “do what they will” to them. This sad and reprehensible scenario reminds me of the British satanic magician, Aleister Crowley, who was an infamous practitioner of “sex magick” also known as “the wickedest man in the world”… and his infamous motto, “Do as thou wilt is the whole of the law.” This procurement was taken from the book of the Law which: ” … announced a new age, the Aeon of Horus, with Crowley as its prophet and priest. Crowley believed this new religion would eventually overthrow all other Gods! (http://splinister.com/?section=articles&piece=Aleister+Crowley+-+Sept+2003) It’s has been rumored that Crowleys “sex magick” included young children even babies.

Aleister Crowley “The Great Beast” 1875-1947

Evidently the CIA is operating deep in Crowley territory. According to a February 26, 2006 article by Greg Szymanski entitled, “More Than 50,000 Children Used In CIA-Connected Experimentation Programs; Investigative Journalist Has Story Suppressed And Experiences Threats Before Its Eventual Release In Alternative Publication”, Christine Hahn won’t back down from threats and suppression, as she vows to get out the truth about the Duplessis Orphans.” (http://www.arcticbeacon.com/26-Feb-2006.html)


In her book, “Remember Cynthia Rose,” author-investigator Jeanne Sinclair Krause reveals, “The Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA), promoted in 1974 by former presidential candidate, Walter Mondale, and the 1997 Adoptions and Safe Families Act {ASFA), have systemically promoted massively increased abuses within the child ‘care’ system. Mondale’s legislation offers financial incentives for placing children in permanent homes, and bonuses are awarded to States that exceed the previous year’s adoption totals. Out of this cash bonanza came the Child Protective Services as we know it today. Mondale himself expressed concerns that his Act could be misused and lead States to create a ‘business’ in dealing with children. Well, Mr. Mondale, it has.

According to Nev Moore, co-founder of Justice for Families in Massachusetts, some 3000 children are seized from their parents every day in the United States, and only 400 are taken for substantiated acts of abuse or neglect. She claims that the Child Protective Services industry in America is worth $12 billion a year. In Massachusetts, 20 to 25 children are seized every day to uphold the $500 million annual budget, she says. I discovered that adoptions in several states have soared, some by as much as 2,000 per cent, since the 1997 Adoptions and Safe Families Act was signed into law. For example, Louisiana’s Department of Social Services published a report called Adrift in the System that said: “The Office of Community Services submitted its Adoption 2000 Plan to the federal government in May, 1998. This plan calls for an increase in the number of adoptions from 30 per year in 1997, to 616 per year in 2000.”

Jean Sinclair-Krause queries, “ ‘… Was this a coincidence? Where did all these suddenly adoptable children come from? And how were they being brought into the system? Perhaps there is truth in what some are saying about a tax-supported baby racketeering business going on in local government agencies that exists to destroy families (…) {to enrich} county coffers.’ ”

Similar charges have surfaced in England.


The Judi Chase story isn’t recommended for the faint of heart. It is a stirring and cautionary tale that will take you on a dark journey down the rabbit hole to unimaginable worlds where wealthy, well-connected, but depraved, and mentally twisted people wield their power ruthlessly. Where unimaginable sexual depravity is encouraged, ritualized demonic cruelty for a profit is a speciality, and where crimes against humanity, especially children, are commonplace. it’s a bottomless pit of demonic craving coupled with immense greed and shrouded with a veil of narcissistic impunity. It’s the realm where ruthless, power hungry souls rule, and where lost souls are reconfigured as soul-less commodities by those higher up on the demonic food chain. I can’t help but wonder if children have become just another consumable trophy, a delicacy on the banquet table of the rich and powerful, like Beluga caviar, Dom Perignon, or Godiva chocolates.

That’s not to say that poor people are not involved in exploiting children. But when it comes to organized pedophilia, the rich rule. When Noreen Gosch, whose young son Johnny Gosch was kidnapped and forced into an elite/government sponsored MK-ULTRA pedophile ring, was recently asked on a popular internet radio program to explain the difference between organized and unorganized pedophilia, she explained, as I paraphrase… that the lone pedophile is forced by necessity to personally procure their victim, while organized pedophile rings can and do hire others to procure their victims for them.

An example of an organized pedophile ring:

Amazingly, Judi Chase has transformed her tragic experience of darkness and emotional turmoil into an altruistic, global mission dedicated to exposing and eradicating the hidden pandemic of organized, child trafficking, in all its virulent forms. Through her work as Co-founder of the Earth Harmony Foundation, she has become a penetrating beacon of light, hope and healing for exploited children everywhere.

Judi sums it up this way:

“Child trafficking networks operate in secretive, devious ways. Children who have been exploited in child pornography, trafficking, and satanic ritual abuse are often conditioned, threatened, given drugs to cause memory loss and tortured through brainwashing and mind control techniques, in order to deter the children from revealing the abuse that has befallen them. I’m focusing my energies on educating the public, and those entrusted with protecting children, to learn how to look beneath the surface, and pay close attention to the small, red flags that have for far too long gone unnoticed. I want to draw attention to the large numbers of missing and unaccounted-for Foster Children, in states across the nation who are vulnerable to falling prey to the child traffickers. Additionally, the foundation is educating the public about the illicit activities of child trafficking networks. These dangers include, exploitation in child prostitution, being sold over seas for sex slavery and child sex tourism, internet abductions and child pornography, satanic ritual and mind control, illegal black market organ donor trade, fraudulent adoption for illicit activities, and child trafficking.”

“If I can stop one {child’s} heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain”- Emily Dickenson

Judi and David Chase with their twins: Tisha and Darius

Christmas 1994



Judi Lloyd and Her Siblings
New Zealand Circa 1972: From left to right, Janice 14 yrs., Judi 17 yrs., Maurice (Judi’s older brother) 20 yrs. and Sandra 11 yrs. :

Judi’s parents Tony and Diane Lloyd

Judi Amber (Lloyd) Chase is a native of New Zealand. Actually, she was born in Fiji. Her father had been working for the Bank of New Zealand when he was transferred to Fiji in 1952. Several years later, the family returned to New Zealand, where after high school, Judi enrolled in Teacher’s College in order to procure a teaching degree. Thus her first career was as a school teacher in New Zealand. Parenthetically Judi initially began working with children as a Sunday School teacher at the ripe old age of 12 years.

Judi was also very involved with the Margaret Barron Musical Theater Company, and performed in shows such as Calamity Jane and Oliver. And there was a budding modeling career. Judi was approached by a local photographer for a modeling assignment with Moontide Swimwear. When the photographer’s agency director saw the photos, she immediately signed Judi to be represented by Models Incorporated.

Judi’s first modeling promo card, Models Incorporated Agency Auckland N.Z.

After having succeeded as a school teacher and a model, Judi had a burning desire to travel, so she bought a one way ticket to Paris and began working her way around Europe, with the Transit Travel Company, apprenticing as a Courier for hotel and camping trips. After this, Judi continued traveling on her own, spending considerable time traveling between Greece, Paris and London for several years.

Judi hiking to the beach in Greece with her friend Alain

In England, at the urging of a friend, Judi entered a beauty contest and wound up a finalist in the “Miss Piccadilly Princess Beauty Pageant.” As fate would have it, Vidal Sasson was one of the judges, and he was extremely impressed with Judi. So impressed, he offered her, on the spot, a position as a spokes model in the promotion department of Vidal Sasson Inc. Shortly thereafter, Judi was not only promoted, but given an extraordinary opportunity to relocate to Sasson headquarters in America, Century City of Los Angeles to be exact. Without hesitation, and under the influence of her innate pioneering spirit, Judi decided to accept the adventure and move to America. Typically, not long after settling into her new digs, she embarked on yet another challenge: an acting career, including, of course, costly yet obligatory acting lessons. Judi enrolled in a night class. Then she picked up an evening, part-time cocktail waitress gig to help her pay for her acting classes. This was in addition to her day job at Vidal Sasson! It paid off. The lessons went so well, Judi was soon selected to participate in Martin Landau’s six week “invitation only” master class.

Judi as Vidal Sasson Spokesmodel (for Sasson hair product line in London)

Before long, Judi had gravitated back to her roots and was teaching children again, this time at the Academy of Performing and Visual Arts at UCLA. By all measures it was a cutting edge program created with the help of actors like John Ritter, Jean Stapleton, Sid Ceaser, and many others. It was designed especially for high school students, enabling them to hone their acting skills by working closely with successful actors in the entertainment industry. Additionally, Judi’s job description included assisting in the creation of the Academy’s pilot drama curriculum.

Judi’s talent as an actress, combined with her teaching abilities and her curriculum development skills found new expression when she established “The Amber (her middle name) Children’s Theatre Company.” She also conducted creative drama workshops under the umbrella of Performing Tree, an arts and education program serving the L.A. Unified School District. Judi directed lots of children’s musicals. She also started getting small acting parts of her own- here and there, and began test shooting with many LA photographers to build her modeling portfolio, and her first test shoot was with LA Photographer, Bruce Ayers.

Judi’s first photo shoot with Bruce Ayres

After showing her portfolio to several talent agents, she was signed by Betty Fanning at the prestigious William Morris Agency. This led to job opportunities in print, commercials, music videos, and television. Her first credits included playing Kelly in Target Miss World, a Matt Houston episode, an episode of the Dating Game, playing a Senator’s wife, Carol Earle, on Divorce Court, a dancer on Rick Springfield’s Two Souls Music Video, and landing a recurring role on the daytime soap opera circuit. She played a gangster’s girlfriend named Kathy on one of the top soaps at the time, “The Young and the Restless.” The pattern is obvious. Creativity and children have always been an important and potent thread in the fabric of Judi’s life.


Judi was always eager for new and meaningful challenges. Her growing awareness of the need to preserve and renew our increasingly distressed and degraded environment motivated her to become more active as an environmentalist. That’s primarliy why Judi volunteered to be the local chairperson of the L.A. Chapter of John Robbin’s National Earthsave Foundation. Judi felt that she could help rekindle Earthsave’s global mission by assuming leadership at the local level, thereby infusing a steady dose of enthusiasm and renewed focus into the lagging local L.A. EarthSave group. The catchy activist slogan ” Think globally, act locally” perfectly expresses the philosophical and strategic underpinnings of the EarthSave Foundation.

John Robbin’s father was one of the founders of the Baskin’s-Robbin’s ice cream empire. Most impressively, John Robbins, an only son, refused his sizable inheritance, and instead opted to become a passionate crusader for the general upliftment of humanity through improved dietary habits and sustainable environmental practices. Robbin’s message was a clarion call for humanity to finally assume the role of compassionate mindful stewards of the planet, as opposed to environmentally destructive egotistical, mindless, Madison Avenue driven consumer drones.

Robbin’s summed up his initial research and thoughts in his 1987 best selling, no-holds-bared book: “Diet For A New America.” With his well researched book, Robbins was able to persuasively link environmental degradation, unhealthy dietary habits, disease and massive cruelty to animals into a global movement aimed at correcting these ills, via a grassroots effort that ultimately culminated in the EarthSave Foundation. He advocated that his followers switch over to a more plant based diet, not only to improve their personal health, but also to improve the health of the environment we all share, and to put an end to the inhumane, strictly profit motivated, animal torture facilities known as factory farms and slaughter houses.

John Robbins, Judi and Dov at Earthsave’s Annual National retreat in Santa Cruz


In 1992 Judi was hosting a gala fundraiser for the Earthsave Foundation. The setting was a romantic, yet trendy white domed home belonging to another EarthSave member called “Les Domes”, couched in the hills above Malibu, California. The event was replete with a sumptuous vegetarian feast, an impressive setting with star studded views, live music, with the well known local band, LGB, and dancing. The fundraiser was a smashing success by all accounts.

Just as Judi was about to take a much needed reflective break, since most of the guests had departed, and before she seriously started her post party clean-up duty, she noticed a late arrival peddling his bike towards the entrance of “Les Domes.” Within moments a youthful looking, middle-aged man pulled into the driveway on his bicycle. Cycling to Les Domes was quite a feat. Les Domes was situated high-up in the Malibu Hills. Judi was immediately intrigued. How on earth could anyone ride a bike up such steep hills? Obviously this guy was in really good shape!

After casual introductions, Judi apologetically explained to the late arrival cyclist, David Chase, that regrettably the party was pretty much over, and the once ample provisions had dwindled to mostly scraps and crumbs. As a gesture of welcoming her late guest, Judi offered to make him a cup of freshly brewed tea. Exhibiting his dry sense of humor, by playing on Judi’s New Zealand accent, David accepted Judi’s cup of tea offer with a “sure mate” response. Ironically, David confided to Judi that he had been one of the volunteers who had helped prepare vegetables for Judi’s Earthsave event! David didn’t seem too disappointed about missing out on the food. Instead, he was curious about “Les Domes” and requested a tour of the facilities. Judi gladly showed him around. Meanwhile, the sound system was still on, and in the background Van Morrison’s 1967 hit single “Brown Eyed Girl” wafted throughout Les Domes. Spontaneously, David asked Judi to dance. Judi was thrilled, as this was her first and only dance opportunity the entire evening. And “Brown Eyed Girl” was one of Judi’s favorite oldies.

Hey where did you go, days when the rain came….
You my Brown Eyed Girl….

Generously, David offered to help Judi with her post party clean-up. As a reward for his good deed, a departing guest with with a car offered David and his bike a lift home. Bottom line: David had made an indelible impression on Judi. “There was something about this boyish charmer that I liked.” In her book, “Portals of Love” Judi mused: ” He was fun and unlike anyone I’d ever met before.”


Judi and David were destined to meet again at future Earthsave meetings. A friendship based on mutual goals, understanding, and shared interests was slowly blossoming between them. At another Earthsave meeting, Judi announced that she was looking for a compatible roommate to help defray her monthly rent expense. David Chase quickly threw his hat into the roommate ring, since his living situation at the time wasn’t optimal. Judi suggested David preview her home prior to his making a final decision. David loved the house and made arrangements to move in with Judi immediately. To celebrate and welcome David to his new home, Judi hosted a cozy dinner party inviting close friends and musicians. Everything seemed to magically fall into place.

EARTH SUMMIT: “Earth Day Every Day”

Shortly after David had moved in, Judi received and accepted an invitation from a group called Terra Christa to speak at the Earth Summit as part of the Global Forum in Rio de Janeiro. It was an offer she couldn’t refuse, since everything except her airfare would be covered by Terra Christa. The “Rio Earth Summit” was really four separate environmental forums organized under the auspices of the “Rio Earth Summit” umbrella.” The United Nations beckoned representatives from all the governments around the world to gather together for the purpose of signing treaties and working towards new international laws that would protect the environment globally.

The Global Forum, which Judi had been invited to, included the Non-Governmental Agencies and Citizen Activists from around the world. Judi also attended the Indigenous People’s Court and the Wisdom Keeper’s Forum, which was comprised of religious leaders, including for example, the Dali Llama and many others from around the world. Judi’s boyfriend at the time, Dov who was a talented musician, songwriter and artist, at the last minute decided to join Judi in Rio. Aisha also came along. Aisha a little girl who had sometimes joined Judi and Dov as a singer and dancer at the various children’s performances in Los Angeles, flew in by herself for the last week of the conference. Aisha’s mother was thrilled with the idea of her attending the Rio event. Judi explained, “Dov, Aisha and I were used to performing at schools. We called ourselves the Planet Players. We used to be known as kind of like pied pipers and we would get everybody together in assemblies singing songs with us about taking care of the earth and animals.” (Portals Vol.1)

Dov and Judi performing as the Planet Players

At the Earth Summit, Rashmi Mayer was hosting a panel of citizen activists from around the world to discuss the inherent dangers of nuclear testing and the horrors of radioactive waste. Judi was straight away asked to speak on this panel as a native New Zealander, which she was. She was proud to point out to the receptive audience that New Zealand is a nuclear free zone — a great accomplishment for any nation. Additionally, in a separate presentation at the Global Heart Tent, hosted by Terra Christa, Judi acted as a spokesperson for the Earthsave Foundation; she stressed the numerous benefits to be gained both environmentally and individually by simply adhering to a plant based diet.

At the Global Heart Tent a special event was dedicated to the street children of Rio. Many street children responded to the invitation and participated in dancing, singing and joyous laughter. “It was quite magical and a very moving experience for me…”-Judi recalled. The street children in Rio had profoundly transformed Judi’s life. Mysteriously, the children had rekindled a sacred flame deep in Judi’s heart to help children everywhere live a better life. In “Portal’s of Love” Judi described her heart opening experience like this: “…a seed was planted, a seed to take action, to open the eyes of the world to take action. Not just the poor children, the orphaned children, but I was later to find out that many people were going around and gathering up the street children and some were being killed and their organs sold for an underground organ selling operation. I knew that I had to be a voice to the world, to say WAKE UP!!! This is what is happening to the world’s children, these are OUR children. What can one person do? That was a thought that continued to haunt me. I must find what I could do.” (Portals Vol.1)

Judi in Rio with children: Aisha, Dakota, and a new friend from Rio.

On a more mundane note, Rio was a city of sharp contrasts where crushing poverty and ostentatious wealth lived side by side. It was a three- dimensional yin-yang of have-nots and haves. Nevertheless, it was also a romantic and an exotic place. Not surprisingly, Dov and Judi seemed to draw closer together. Judi elaborated, “Hanna Strong, wife of the UN organizer of the Earth Summit, Maurice Strong, invited Judi, Dov, and Aisha to join her and the Wisdom Keepers on a voyage on a sailboat to one of the local islands. It was a truly magical day, with a plethora of colorful parrots, and many genuinely, happy people, where a feast had been laid out on picnic tables by the beach. While Hanna was looking after Aisha that afternoon, Judi and Dov were playfully splashing in the warm, turquoise blue, ocean water, when Dov unexpectedly poped the question, “Judi will you marry me?” Judi was nonplussed and somewhat shocked. Although she and Dov had been together for the past two years, their relationship had been a jerky roller coaster ride, with exhilarating highs followed by steep declines. Judi expressed serious doubts about marriage: “This was the last thing I expected as our relationship over the past two years had been filled with just as many valleys as peaks, and I was not at all sure what the future was to hold for us.” Judi responded to Dov’s overture, “Dov, I do love you, and I am so touched that you would ask me, but I’m not sure, I don’t think you’re ready for this.” (Portals Vol.1)

Judi, Dov, and Aisha, a.k.a. the Planet Players on an island off of Brazil, during the Earth Summit, 1992

Dov had written a song called “Earth Day, Every Day” and he and Judi were invited to perform it as the closing number on Botafoga Beach for the final Concert of the Global Forum. A band of amazing local Brazilian musicians backed up the Planet Players as they performed a set of their songs, as well as many other acts who performed that evening, which drew almost 100,000 people during the course of the evening. Dov added, “It was a full moon and a total eclipse, which helped to symbolize the gathering of the worlds’ representatives to make a stand for a healthy and sustainable future upon planet earth.”

Ultimately, the trip to Rio was an important turning point in Judi’s life.


Bye-bye Rio de Janeiro. Hello David Chase. After returning to L.A., Dov and Judi started to drift apart emotionally. Dov was spending more time looking for new venues where he could perform his music. Judi and Dov were hanging out together less and less. Judi suspected he may have been dating other women. Although Judi still wanted to continue collaborating musically with Dov, she had decided their romantic involvement was over. Simply put, Judi was ready to settle down and have a family, and she felt strongly that Dov wasn’t. Judi made it clear to Dov that their future relationship was to be based on friendship only.


Meanwhile David and Judi were deepening their friendship with heartfelt chats over steaming cups of tea made with fresh, aromatic peppermint plucked from Judi’s garden. They were constantly doing things together, all the while pondering and attempting to connect the dots of meaning behind life’s seemingly random events. Not surprisingly, the street children of Rio continued to linger in Judi’s mind and tug at her heart. The “Rio Reunion” was to be Judi’s new fundraising adventure. She had already determined it was to be held as part of the Whole Life Expo, at the Hilton Airport Hotel. The funds would be earmarked for a children’s orphanage.

Around that time, Judi’s mother dropped in from New Zealand to visit her. After Judi had explained to her mother that she and Dov were no longer romantically involved, her mother innocently commented on the obvious “what about him?”, pointing to David. Judi flippantly dismissed her mother’s observation by casually retorting: “Oh, him. Yes, isn’t he nice. But he is just my roommate, we get along great. In fact, we’re the best of friends.” (Portals Vol.1)

On the surface, Judi and David continued to appear as pals. Then one day their relationship as best friends transformed into romance. David’s playfulness lead to a passionate kiss that awakened Judi to the realization that David was actually her Prince charming. The fairy tale was consummated when David asked Judi to marry him and Judi accepted.


Wedding kiss New Zealand style February 27, 1993

A wedding “down under” was mutually agreed upon and slated to be held in Auckland, New Zealand inside a tiny antique-like 19th century church situated in a bucolic setting. Judi painted this picture, “The place we had picked out was a quaint little 19th century historical village in Howick, which had a sweet little church and a lake with ducks and cottages, which were all perfectly preserved from the past.” (Portals Vol.1)


Judi and David exiting chapel with Reverend Ola in New Zealand on Feb. 27.

The first honeymoon was spent in a cottage on one of Judi’s favorite spots, Piha beach. But the official or second honeymoon would be in Hawaii. David and Judi were both 40 years old. Judi had been briefly married once before, and the dissolution was a friendly one. However, this was to be David’s first and only marriage. A late bloomers dream come true wedding was in the making. Judi left for New Zealand a week early, to visit with family and old friends as well as to help with wedding preparations. Judi even designed and sewed her wedding dress, as well as David’s wedding attire. Unfortunately, David was unable to join Judi until later due to work constraints.


Next stop Maui. Now for the best wedding present ever. In Maui Judi found out she was pregnant. David and Judi had been trying for several months to get pregnant without success. That’s when they discovered, through testing, that David was sterile. He determined that the culprit was a probably an Xray that had been taken several years back without proper protection,when he had a long term stay in a hospital after a serious accident. To solve the problem, Judi and David resorted to artificial insemination, and it worked! It was in Maui, amongst lush tropical foliage, aromatic flowers, and pristine waterfalls, reminiscent of the classic 50’s American musical, South Pacific, that Judi and David chose the name Sage for their new baby.

Honeymoon in Maui

When Judi and David returned to L.A., they decided to hold another Wedding ceremony at Les Domes, where they had first met, so their friends could join in the celebration too. Ceremonial symmetry had been achieved with two weddings and two honeymoons.

Les Domes wedding, L.A.

Shortly after David and Judi had settled back into their familiar routine in Los Angeles, their landlord suddenly decided to sell their Agoura Hill’s house. They were forced to quickly search around and find a new place to live. Luckily, through a contact at the Whole Life Expo where Judi was working, she found what appeared to be an ideal apartment for her and David, in Topanga Canyon.
Judi’s dogs Shimone and Merindi took to the place immediately. The apartment was snuggled up against a soothing, meandering creek. The move was uneventful, and everything seemed to be falling into its proper place. The circumstances surrounding David and Judi’s blessed life together thus far were on the verge of fraying around the edges. Unbeknownst to Judi and David, their slide into darkness and despair was just around the corner. Their soulful courtship and fairy tale marriage was inching towards a seemingly bottomless pit of unfathomable loss and excruciating grief.


David was a high-end custom furniture and cabinet maker. In actuality, he was of a rare breed: an old world type craftsman. David was born and raised in Minneapolis Minnesota. After graduating from high school in 1971 David’s family decided to move to Florida and he joined them. It was in Florida that David’s passion for arts-and-crafts and fine woodworking blossomed into a profession. And blossom it did. As a matter of fact, one of David’s hand made tables found its way to Asia, where it sits in a Tokyo airport. Not surprisingly, most of David’s clients were wealthy.

At the time of the move, David was busy plying his trade, designing, creating and installing cabinets for a local airline mogul. However, a problem surfaced with the monetary arrangement as the job neared completion. David wouldn’t be reimbursed until the job was completed, but he was expected pay for the cabinet materials out of pocket. It was only because this client’s wife had been a valued prior customer, and David stood to profit handsomely that he had agreed to these terms. Judi to the rescue. She offered David the use of her credit card for the preliminary purchase of materials, trusting that when David had finished the job she could easily pay the card off. So far so good. Until the next problem arose.

The source of the next problem turned out to be the general contractor. He suddenly had a brilliant and self serving idea to save money for his client. The contractor decided that he wouldn’t pay David for any of his work: designing, making, and installing cabinets, because David was licensed as a cabinet manufacturer and not a cabinet installer. Ironically, David had agreed to install the cabinets as a favor to the owner’s wife. Huh? This was totally bogus and highly specious logic was used to steal the fruits of David’s labor. The fact was, David didn’t need a separate license to install the cabinets. The upshot: Not only was David stiffed for all the time and effort in design and labor costs, but his wife was left with a credit debt of many thousands of dollars for the purchase of the building materials for the client’s upscale beach front property cabinets. Unfortunately, David’s options for recouping his money were limited. He and Judi were more than broke, they were now deeply in debt, and they knew that suing someone wealthy and who was well connected would be a daunting proposition. Yet David decided that what was important was that a contract be honored, and so he hired an attorney and sued the client. David knew with a best-case scenario, it would be many years (if ever) before he would see a penny, but he wanted justice, even so.


The financial stress coupled with the underhanded tactics employed by the contractor to avoid paying David for all his hard work proved to be too much for Judi. She suffered an emotionally debilitating miscarriage. As one can imagine, David and Judi were devastated. Together they struggled through their grief and eventually came to the conclusion that they needed a new beginning, a fresh start. They were determined to create a new and solid foundation to build their future on. If it meant leaving California, that was okay too. David vigorously pursued work opportunities in and beyond California. Within no time he was hired as a cabinet maker in Denver, Colorado. David’s plan was to first and foremost to secure a steady paycheck by working for an established company. Then he would use that steady security to segue into building his own cabinet making business.


Winter wonderland: Judi and David’s backyard view from their mountaintop house in Evergreen, Colorado

With monetary help from David’s parents, and Judi’s mother (Judi’s beloved father had been tragically killed by a drunk driver in a car accident) Judi and David were able to purchase their very first home together. They found an unassuming 3 bedroom house that was situated on a densely wooded four acre lot with a stream running through it. The house was approximately 14,000 feet up a mountain in Evergreen, Colorado. Evergreen is a small and charming town that has a creek running through its belly called Bear Creek. It was only about an hour commute to Denver. From Judi’s description the house was simply enchanting, “We felt incredibly drawn and magnetized to the house. (…) There was something very peaceful about the property.” While for David it was, “… a little piece of paradise.” Judi (Portals Vol.1) Together they envisioned their new home as the perfect setting to restart their family dream.

The soon to be Colorado mountain dwellers departed from LA with their dogs in tow and all their worldly possessions crammed into a huge, rented moving truck. On their first morning together in Evergreen, David awoke early and drove into Denver to begin his new job. Naturally Judi was non-stop busy all day unpacking stuff and organizing the essentials when she suddenly realized that she needed to pick-up some household necessities, like food! On the way to the grocery store, Judi spied a facility for children called, “The Attachment Center.” Judi’s curiosity was strongly aroused, so she pulled into the parking lot and hastily entered the center. Luckily the Director was no only available, but was eager to take Judi on a guided tour of the facility. Like a professional tour guide, she carefully explained to Judi that the center was a treatment mecca for children who had been diagnosed with an emotional disturbance called: reactive attachment disorder. Families from all over the USA routinely flocked to the center for help. Judi and the director got along famously. So well in fact, that on the spot Judi made impromptu arrangements with the director to start teaching drama workshops for the center’s foster children.

Judi leading kids in a Shadow Mountain Theater Company rehearsal in Evergreen, Colorado.

Subsequently, there was a teaching offer from a another local group. This time Judi was asked to start a children’s theatre company. What more could Judi ask for? Children of her own, of course! Judi and David were ready to get certified again as foster parents in Colorado.
Judi clarified, “David and I had done the training to become foster parents at the Inner Circle Foster and Adoption Agency in LA but had moved to Colorado right after we had completed the training. I decided to sign up with the Addison Foster Agency in Evergreen and become certified to offer foster care.” (Portals Vol.1)

David Chase volunteering at a Sunday School in the Virgin Islands


In Early December, David and Judi vacationed on the island of St. John in the Virgin Islands. When they returned to Evergreen on Dec. 22nd and that’s when Judi met her new in-laws, Tom and Noreen Chase for the very first time. Judi reminised: “The happy family reunion was enhanced with a magical white Christmas as our new property was blanketed with six feet of snow. The entire family enjoyed the festive holiday season by skating together on the frozen Evergreen Lake and then drinking hot chocolate in the Lodge around the huge fireplace.”

David’s family ice skating…at the Evergreen lake at Christmas

David’s mother, Noreen, Randy and Marie Case (Evergreen neighbors), David, Judi, and David’s father, Tom.

Judi and David’s first Christmas together in Evergreen was simply divine. Leave it to David to find and adopt two stray black kittens, which he named Chaos and Seraphina. David was almost finished working on his plans to build his cabinet making workshop on the property adjacent to the house. He was eager to quit his job in Denver, so he could open his own cabinet making business in Evergreen close to Judi and the twins.

Within months of their arrival, Judi and David had acquired a Colorado foster care license. Shortly thereafter Lenny, a 10-year old boy, and later his 11-year old brother Marvin, were placed with the Chases. Unfortunately, for all concerned the placement didn’t work out. It wasn’t long before both boys were exhibitng severe aggressive behavioral problems. The best solution for Marvin turned out to be a 24 hour residential treatment center. Sadly, after losing his brother yet another time, Lenny suffered a severe aggressive episode and medical personnel recommended a 24 hour residential setting for him, as well.

The Chases were sad to see the boys go, but were undaunted. Characteristically, they were more determined than ever to be foster parents again. Now that they had their own home in a sublime setting they were seriously considering going the extra mile and adopting children. Prior to Judi’s pregnancy and subsequent miscarriage, she and David had been working with foster children, especially via the arts. Judi noted that, “Often we talked about starting a family, having waited our whole lives and the timing was right, as we were both over 40 we were even foster parents to two girls who were abused and neglected even while dating and one came to NZ for the wedding and was a bridesmaid.” ( Portals Vol. 1) The biological clock was ticking fast and furiously and time wasn’t on their side. It was now or never.

The Chase’s soon became acquainted with one of their Evergreen neighbors, a convivial and helpful woman named Vanessa. Serendipitously, Vanessa was a licensed social worker, who strongly recommended that Judi and David consider what’s known as a fost-adopt program. Additionally, Vanessa advised Judi and David to select a foster agency that specializes in babies. Vanessa was a wealth of information. Judi and David were all ears. They took turns peppering Vanessa with questions about the procedure, including the downside. As a crude analogy, the fost-adopt program is roughly similar to what’s known in Real estate circles as a lease with the option to buy. It’s a commonly used technique for selling real estate, where the prospective owners get to live in the property before they decide to buy it.

Vanessa carefully explained that many of the babies come from extremely challenging family backgrounds, such as parents that are drug addicts, who are sometimes homeless, often prostituting themselves to earn just enough money to support their drug habits. Judi asked, “How long do they stay in foster care?” “That depends,” Vanessa continued. “The state gives the birth parents a treatment plan which might include drug testing, counseling, monitored visits with their children, and judges need to see proof that the parents can in fact turn their lives around and provide a safe home for the children to return to.” (Portals Vol.1))

Within a specific time frame, usually about 18 months, if the parents are not in full compliance with their treatment plan, the court terminates the birth parents rights, and the foster family can legally exercise their contractual option to adopt the foster child or children. Judi and David weighed the fact that these were foster children with an “option” to adopt. There was no guarantee. For the most part the outcome was based on variables beyond the foster parent’s control. David queried, “So there is a bit of a risk in that the foster parents would fall in love with the children, only to see them yanked out of a loving environment and given back to the birth parents? ” (Portals Vol.1)) “Yes, that happens and sadly, many times it does not work out, and once again the children return back to foster care,” Vanessa replied. (Portals Vol.1)) Now that Judi and David clearly understood the good, the bad, and the ugly they were still ready, willing, and eager to take the plunge.

Judi’s next step was searching for an appropriate foster agency. After 30 inquiries she settled on the “The Happy Hearts Foster and Adoption Agency.” David and Judi met with the director, Veronica McDonald, who explained the procedures involved in their becoming eligible to participate in the agency’s foster/adoption program. Judi recalled that Veronica seemed impressed with her and David and she had encouraged them to participate in the program, which they did. It wasn’t long before Judi and David’s Colorado foster care license was in hand and their home certified for a fost-adopt placement.


The Chases were ecstatic when they were notified by the agency that a foster/adopt placement was available for them. The babies were biracial twins who were barely 7 months old. From birth the twins had been in a foster home along with six other children all under the age of 5. One of these children, who was unable to pronounce Patricia’s name started calling her Tisha instead. So Patritcia became known as Tisha. The Chases liked the name and decided to continue calling the baby girl Tisha. The boy’s name was Darius. As expected the twins had had a very challenging background. They were born premature and addicted to cocaine. Nevertheless, the twins history didn’t seem to phase Judi and David; they were simply thrilled to be parents again.

Twin’s First Day Home With Their New Parents

David and Judi feeding the twins at lake in Evergreen

DDSS (Department of Denver Social Services) protocol wisely required the Chases and the twins to spend time together prior to the twins moving in with their new foster parents. Several planned, supervised visits, with a social worker were arranged to officially determine compatibility. The compatibility test was a cinch.

The twins moved in with their new parents. Judi summed it up, “We had both waited until we were 40 to get married and to bring children into our lives. We had purchased our first home together, a beautiful rustic four-bedroom house that sat on four acres with a stream and a forest of evergreen trees. We fondly called our haven, “A Little Piece of Paradise.” After all my years of wondering if I would ever settle down and get married, the sweetest gentlest man had ridden his bicycle up to the top of a Malibu mountain to find me and claim me as his bride. And now here we were on a mountaintop of our very own building a new life together. We shared a common vision, of creating a safe haven for babies who were orphaned and born with special needs, so they could grow up close to nature in a healing, loving, and creative environment. And we were so close to completing the adoption of not just one, but two beautiful babies.” (Portals Vol. 1)

Resorting to an oft used cliché of the 50’s, per Judi’s description, she was floating on cloud nine emotionally, but physically challenged. “Most of the time, I would be physically exhausted but emotionally, completely fulfilled and happy. In fact I would have to say this was the happiest time of my entire life. Being a mother was all I dreamed it would be and more,” Judi continued. “… In spite of the obvious joy, the first year with the twins was extremely challenging. ” … The babies first year with us was challenging and full of sleepless nights as Tisha had trouble sleeping for more than an hour at a time due to the crack in her system. We watched them overcome one hurdle after another witnessing the profound healing and conquering power of love. “… They had become a part of me, just as my arms and legs; they were inextricably attached to me. I could not have felt any deeper bonding to them even if I had physically given birth to them.” (Portals Vol.1)

The twins’ first Christmas was a happy one. Judi writes, “One of our favorite places to go was the hot springs, which was about half an hour’s drive up the mountain. The huge warm swimming pool is enclosed and very steamy inside. David and I would often take the babies and put them in floaties and play in the water with them. It was a lot of fun.

“Judi with twins at Colorado hot pools


And there’s more, much more. David had another grand and impossible dream in mind. This was in addition to his being a parent and opening his own custom cabinet making business. Like Judi, David had a sincere and pressing desire to help foster children, especially children with special needs. His dream included building a facility on the property for these children to heal and get ready for adoption. “… we decided it would be a home for orphaned drug babies who were born with special needs and who were often passed over in favor of babies born without such challenges. (Portals Vol. 1)


The facility would include a greenhouse, a dance studio, an arts and craft and drama room and much more. David created a blueprint for the project and began the long process of seeking the necessary approval and permits. Judi describes how David had painstakingly planned the project in Portals Vol.1:

“This is where the covered greenhouse is going to go so we can grow our own vegetables and food organically, even when it snows in the winter. And there is going to be a new driveway and a two-car garage down at the base of the property. I am dropping the blueprints off tomorrow so when we get the permit, we can start building immediately. And if it goes through with no revisions, which my friend said it should, we can start pouring concrete next week!” David’s face was lit up like a Christmas Tree.”

Because music had been such an important inspirational element in Judi’s ongoing work with children David and Judi decided the children’s home would be called “Harmony Haven.” Another sign of progress and a big step forward: Word was spreading about David’s cabinet making skills. More and more lucrative jobs from local wealthy clients were rolling in. David’s work had entered a transition phase. He was no longer required to make the often arduous one hour commute to Denver everyday. However, to maintain a steady income stream during the transition period, he occasionally did various types of odd jobs and construction work with his neighbor, Pat Lubelski.


“A Long Days Journey Into Night”
The Morning of June 6,1995

Against Judi’s better judgment, David had agreed to work with Pat Lubelski on a roofing job that day. The tension between Judi and David was thick. Judi didn’t want David to do the roofing job with Pat. She tried her best to persuade him not to go, to no avail. Judi felt a very uneasy, sinking feeling about the arrangement. She pleaded frantically with David to reconsider. He staunchly held his ground.

As a last ditch effort she reminded him, “You’ve heard all the stories about Pat’s drinking and getting into fights,” “I don’t think you should be hanging around him. It’s just not a good idea.” (Portals Vol.1) David told her it would be his last job with Pat and tried to impress upon her, “look…I can take care of him.” (Portals Vol. 1) Just then Pat and his white pick-up truck pulled into the driveway.

Pat casually helped David load his tools into the back of the truck. Pat was chauffeuring David around town, because David’s truck was in the shop to be repainted. The idea was for David to trade his truck in for an SUV that Judi and the twins would use. David would then purchase an older, used truck for his cabinet and furniture making business.

In a spontaneous gesture, so typical of David, he lovingly and playfully rushed over and “butterfly kissed’ Judi and the twins good-bye. “I’ll be home for dinner,” David shouted. (Portals Vol. 1) Judi and the twins watched David and Pat disappear down the twisting mountain road. That would be the last time Judi saw David alive.

As usual, Judi’s day was extremely busy taking care of the twins along with catching up on her chores. Nevertheless, her growing concern for David continued to lurk in the back of her mind throughout the day. Casting aside her worst fears, Judi decided to start preparing dinner in anticipation of David’s arrival. But a glaring and unnerving fact remained: it was already 7:00 o’clock and still no David. Judi tried hard to shrug off her anxiety about David’s absence. But dinner was getting cold, and it was getting late. So Judi capitulated, and with a heavy heart went through the motions of eating dinner with the twins. Judi continued to hope that David would call or walk through the door any minute. Yet, she couldn’t help but wonder why David hadn’t called to say he’d be late. It was so unlike him. Nothing like this had ever happened before.

Judi was exhausted, but couldn’t sleep. Instead she held the twins in her arms, while still fully dressed, slightly slouched over in her rocking chair with just a blanket thrown over her and the twins. All night long Judi dozed on off– hoping and praying that David was safe. At 5:00 A.M. the sun was slowly inching over the horizon.

Judi rocking Twins on their Evergreen deck

Out of desperation Judi decided that she and the twins should immediately drive up the road to Pat’s house. Judi hoped she would find David there. Maybe he had fallen asleep on Pat’s couch? Judi gathered up the twins and within minutes they were at Pat’s doorstep.


Judi nervously and repeatedly knocked on Pat’s front door. Eventually, “Pat stumbled to the door in his usual stupor.” (Portals Vol.1)) Judi asked Pat if he knew of David’s whereabouts point blank, as David had never returned home nor had he called her. Pat just shrugged his shoulders, and claimed he had left David at a bar called “On the Rocks, “a popular watering hole, where locals would hang-out, play some pool, and have a few beers. Needless to say, Judi had grave doubts and serious misgivings about Pat’s story.


It was 9:30 in the morning and David had been missing a full 24 hours. Judi knew that a 24 hour period was necessary before a missing persons report could be filed. So she called the police and filed an official missing persons report. Before long, Sheriff Lilly and a victims advocate, Julia Baker, from the Clear Creek County Sheriffs Department were knocking at her door. Sheriff Lilly took detailed notes and had been asking Judi many probing questions when the phone rang. To Judi’s amazement it was Pat’s girlfriend, Becky. She claimed she had additional information she wanted to share with Judi about what had really happened to David based on what Pat had told her the night before. Becky blurted out, “I wanted to tell you {Judi} that, when Pat came home last night, he was very drunk. It was about two in the morning, and he smelled of spirits. And I asked him about David. And he said, ” ‘Oh, David went for a swim.’ “He said David had told him. ” ‘ I’ve got a raft. Pick me up in Morrison. ‘ ” “And then David jumped into Bear Creek.” (Portals Vol.1)

Judi knew that David would never ever do such a crazy thing. This story was obviously a total and disgusting lie. “It was complete rubbish and made no sense at all”, Judi asserted. Later Judi found out that Pat had floated several other versions of what had happened to David around town. “In fact, during the month after he disappeared, Pat had changed his story to the police about the events of David’s last day; About 3 or 4 versions were in circulation, and were repeated by different people. Pat told some people David jumped, then later told police he and David were throwing wood trash into the stream and David fell in, off of the back of the truck. When I told the police about the environmental activism programs David and I had participated in, I absolutely found it inconceivable that David would ever dump anything into a stream.” Judi said. (Portals Vol.1)


The Clear Creek County Search and Rescue launched an extensive search with divers, dogs and helicopters. For two days they searched a ten-mile stretch of the river in the area where Pat claimed David had jumped in. However, they had to call off the search for a month because the river was too high. Homicide investigator Don Olin had been assigned to the case. Judi commented, “Don Olin was a Jeffco homicide investigator assigned exclusively to work on the Chase case that alone… no other cases for three whole months.” Judi walked the river almost everyday looking for David, or hoping to find a clue that would shed light on what had happened to him, or perhaps find some evidence that had been overlooked by the police.
The days dragged on and still no David. Judi’s mind was spinning and she was emotionally drained. “Every day, thousands of questions raced through my mind, what had happened to him, was he attacked, did he feel pain, was he kidnapped, did he meet another woman and fly away to Europe or someplace like that”, Judi recalled. (Portals Vol.1)

Meanwhile, Judi kept reviewing and reassembling numerous pieces of information surrounding David’s disappearance in an effort to establish what had really happened to David and why. Emerging facts were like new puzzle pieces that needed to fit precisely together with older puzzle pieces. By this process, Judi felt that eventually a clear picture of what had really happened hopefully would soon emerge.


It saddened Judi greatly that Pat was spreading lies about David all over town. For example, Pat swore David had been drunk the night he disappeared and that is why he “jumped’ into an ice-cold raging, snow fed river on a cool mountain night.” Judi said. And Pat told the police David had announced “I’m going for a swim. I’ve got a raft. Pick me up in Morrison.” Judi countered Pat’s explanation, “David did not have a raft. Secondly, he was an expert in wilderness training, and knew full well the dangers of entering a raging snow-fed river at night. Thirdly, he would never jump in a river fully clothed with his boots on. Lastly, I had never heard of anyone taking a raft at night from Evergreen to Morrison. That was ridiculous. We had driven to Morrison for Sunday brunches before, but it was quite a distance and nobody would ever try to swim there in a freezing cold river at night. Certainly, not my husband.” (Portals Vol.1)

It really hurt Judi when the Denver Post’s headlined echoed Pat’s lie: “Drunken Pal Jumps In River”, thereby giving legitimacy to Pat’s uncorroborated, ridiculous rendition of what had supposedly happened to David. (Portals Vol.1) In striking contrast to Pat’s drunken friend tale, Judi painted an entirely different picture of David’s habits and tendencies. Judi stated, “For starters David wasn’t much of a drinker.” Judi continued “His limit was two beers and that was usually while he was playing pool.” (Portals Vol.1) Judi described David as a health and fitness fanatic whose favorite drink was fresh carrot juice. David usually awoke at 5:30 a.m. as the sun was rising, while others were still asleep, so he could practice an hour of meditation, tai chi, yoga, and pranayama (yogic breathing exercises).

Additionally, Judi often emphasized to the officials, “David was an experienced outdoors-man, he had participated in a variety of wilderness survival and mountain climbing training, he had yellow gear to prevent hypothermia. … No way would David swim at night to Morrison.”(Portals Vol.1) The reality was that Pat was constantly changing his stories, yet none of the versions made any sense. The uneasy question remained as to why the police didn’t find these unconvincing and shifting versions to be indicative that Pat was in all probability lying about what really happened to David.

One of the more outrageous claims by Pat was that he had searched for David for nearly an hour before finally giving up and going home. Judi new that was beyond crazy. Who would look for someone for an hour, not find him, yet never ask anyone for help? Why didn’t Pat call the police or David’s wife, or Judi for that matter. After all, Judi lived only a stones throw down the road from Pat. Pat could have effortlessly stopped by Judi’s house on his way home and let Judi know that her husband, who was ‘drunk’ had ‘jumped’ in the ice cold river, that evening and never made it to his professed destination. Judi points to the obvious: “He {Pat} could have quickly gone back into the bar where there were many people still playing pool and gotten some of them to help. Or he could have gone a few yards up the road to the fire station, and the firemen would have been more than happy to assist in a search for David.”


What about the $1800 dollar check David inexplicably cashed? Pat admitted that David had asked him to stop by a customer’s house so David could pick up an $1800 check, which was a down payment for a cabinet job David was scheduled to start working on the next day. In actuality, the money was to be used by David to purchase materials for the job. However, according to Judi, David did something with the $1800 he had never done before. Instead of depositing the check as was his custom, and then writing checks for the materials, instead David cashed the check at his bank and pocketed $1800! This was strange.

Why would David cash an $1800 check and not deposit it like he always did? Not surprisingly, the money was never found. Per bank records and eyewitnesses, after having cashed his check David and Pat eventually wound up at “On The Rocks Bar.” Judi learned that David had had a couple of beers and had played pool with a group of four people while Pat sulkily sat drinking by himself. It was reported that “Pat appeared to be very moody” (Portals Vol. 1). It was determined that Pat and David left the bar at around 8:45 p.m..

Casting more suspicion on Pat, Becky, (Pat’s live-in girlfriend) later told Judi not long after David went missing she noticed that Pat had $800 cash stashed in the glove compartment of his car. Judi asked her, “is that unusual?” Becky said, “yes!” (Portals Vol.1) And then she offered up this bombshell: Pat had owed the IRS $1600 for a very long time. He had been paying them off on an installment plan a little at a time, each month. And around the same time that the $800 showed up, Pat started bragging to Becky that he had finally paid off the IRS in full!


Amazingly, throughout the investigatio Pat had remained a free man, drinking heavily as was his bent, while roaming around town in his truck doing odd jobs here and there. Although it’s true Pat had been briefly brought in to the JEFFCO Sheriff’s Department several times for questioning by the police, he was always released. The Jefferson County Sherif’fs Department withheld from Judi Chase the results of the police administered polygraph tests performed on her neighbor, Pat. One wonders which version or versions of the story Pat was using during the polygraph tests. Judi recalled, “The police had interviewed him {Pat} many, many times and had not charged him because of a lack of physical evidence.” (Portals Vol.1)

Prior to David’s sudden disappearance, he had mentioned to Judi that Pat had a side job delivering frozen french fries. He told Judi that he knew for a fact that Pat was stealing some of these large bags of fries. Judi knew from first hand observation that Pat had a very small refrigerator freezer and couldn’t store large bags of frozen food. David had discovered more. Judi wrote: “… What Pat and his girlfriend were involved with were not merely small potato drug using. But what he{David} observed was some sort of smuggling while Pat was delivering ‘french fries’ as a cover, {which} David {thought} for something {else}…. Judi added David also said, “He [Pat} was stealing at the same time from these deliveries.” (Portals Vol.1)

There’s more. Something else that made Judi very suspicious of Pat’s story. It was later discovered that the roofing job that David was to have helped Pat with on June 6th had already been done by someone else. So instead of the planned roofing job, Pat dragged David around town doing other odd jobs like shrub and stump removal as the local Elks Club and so on. Even though Judi had dutifully reported all anomalies to the police, including Becky’s revelations to Judi about the $800 dollars, there was virtually no follow-up by the police. Judi had given the police the names and phone numbers of people who were willing and eager to share relevant information about the case with the them. Judi was stunned to learn later that none of the people had ever been contacted by the Sheriff’s Department.


Judi had dutifully notified David’s parents as soon as she knew that he was actually missing. In response Tom and Noreen Chase advised Judi that they would immediately be driving from Florida to Colorado, and that they wanted to stay for a few weeks with her and the twins. Judi’s two sisters flew in, one from New Zealand, and one from Canada. Shortly thereafter, David’s brother Paul arrived. As expected, it was an exceptionally trying and emotional time for Judi. Overall, Judi was grateful for the company and the support her guests temporarily offered. But, that’s not to say there wasn’t friction around competing values, which led to disagreements as to what Judi should or shouldn’t do regarding the twins if David were found to be dead. For example, David’s parents and Judi’s sisters strongly felt if David were to be found dead that Judi should “return” the twins. Judi’s two sisters felt that raising two babies alone was something they would not ever consider, and therefore assumed Judi should likewise not continue with the adoption. A classic case of projection. Where as David’s parents position reflected their shared belief in traditional family values. Specifically, they strongly felt that all children should be raised by two parents, a mother and a father period. Unbeknownst to Judi at the time, behind her back, these opinions had been communicated to the twins’ social worker casting an official cloud on Judi’s relationship with the twins.

The twins remained the one aspect of Judi’s shattered life that was still intact. The daily routine and responsibility of taking care of the twins helped Judi maintain her equilibrium throughout the crisis. Judi states, “Life continued on as usual for the twins. I am sure they missed their Daddy, but they still laughed and giggled and seemed to be happy, because they continued to experience my love. For me it was like there were four parts to the love that filled our family, and one part had been taken away, the other three parts were still intact. The love and joy that passed between us three remained unbroken and that was a great source of comfort to me and probably saved my life.” (Portals Vol.1)

Judi and twins in sand pit: Where’s David? Where’s daddy?

Prior to David’s disappearance Judi had been working part-time as a spokesperson for a telecommunications company. It required her being away from home two weekends a month. So Judi hired a nanny to look after the twins on the weekends she was scheduled to work. This way the twins would have the care they needed while she was away. However, because of the turmoil caused by David’s disappearance, Judi decided to quit her job and instead be a full-time, stay at home mom.

Of course, Judi gave her company ample notice that she would be quitting and why. Moreover, Judi still had a few weekend work commitments to fulfill before she could actually quit. Fortunately, Judi’s next trade show was scheduled in Los Angeles. This was a boon for her as she was able to reconnect with her old support network, which was quite large and included Dov, who had remained a close and loyal friend to both her and David. Dov had even lent Judi and David some money when they needed a short term loan. And Dov was still involved with many of the same projects, environmental and otherwise, that Judi and David had championed.


Out of the blue, Judi received a call from her social worker demanding that she hire a live-in nanny ASAP. This was odd because Judi had only recently told the foster adoption agency, social worker that she was in the process of quitting her job, so she could give 100% of her time and attention to the twins. When Judi queried why this was necessary, she was told that a meeting had taken place between the Foster Adoption Agency and Denver Social Services, regarding David’s status as a missing person. The outcome of the meeting was an ultimatum: unless Judi hired a new live-in-nanny immediately, to replace the nanny that was leaving, the twins would be removed from her custody.

So, it appears that the official rationale for the live-in-nanny revolved around David’s status as a missing person. This is very strange. For starters, Judi had just recently given her part-time employer a termination notice. It was abundantly clear to all concerned that Judi was able and eager to be a full-time stay-at-home mom. Judi’s decision to quit her job was based on several factors including David’s status as a missing person, the reality that she was now the sole caregiver for the twins, and the growing realization that the twins were all she had left of her and David’s dream of starting a family together. Doesn’t it seem more logical that the Department of Denver Social Services (DDSS) concerns could have been assuaged by some kind of crisis counseling for Judi and or needs assessment for the twins? Then further evaluations and recommendations could have been made based on direct observation from the social worker and DDSS.
To reiterate, Judi had already notified DDSS of her new plans and she had informed the current weekend nanny that she would no longer be needed in the near future. Besides, if Judi needed additional help with the twins, her church had an exceptional daycare and baby-sitting service that she could utilize whenever necessary. But Judi had no choice in the matter, and she proceeded as ordered by DDSS to find a full-time nanny who could start immediately. Judi placed an ad in the local newspaper for a nanny. She had a total of three responses. Only one out of three applicants was able to start immediately. Her name was Shelly Jones.

When Judi hired Shelly, she explained to her up front that this would be a short term assignment, at most a few months. Judi informed Shelly that she was planning to finalize the adoption of the twins as soon as the biological mother’s parental rights were terminated by the court in mid-September. Judi’s intention was to sell the house in Colorado as soon as she was able to legally adopt the twins and then move back to L.A. with them. Thus Judi could start her healing process back in her old stomping grounds of L.A. She looked forward to reconnecting with the strong support network she had of old friends such as her minister friend Dolores who had mentored her through the ministerial training program at the Church of Inner Light. And there were other friends, Sue from New Zealand, Dov, Jeff Hutner, friends from Earthsave, The Whole Life Expo, and the Agape Church that she and David had attended. Just to regain a sense of personal safety would make the move worthwhile.

Judi was surprised when Shelly returned with her scant belongings to move in with Judi and the twins. All her personal belongings fit into one medium sized suitcase. Shelly revealed to Judi that she was literally broke and couldn’t contribute to any household expenses. Judi thought it was odd that Shelly had virtually no personal belongings and zero money. Shelly’s prize possession was her bible, and she often quoted from it, verse and chapter. By all appearances, Shelly was a sincere, church going teetotaler.

There was a glaring red flag however. Judi had requested a list of Shelly’s nanny references at the time of her initial interview. Shelly promised she would give then to Judi. The reality is that she never did supply Judi with the references. Whenever Judi asked for them, it was always the same ridiculous response, Shelly had forgotten them again. Judi reasoned that since Shelly would only be staying on for a couple of months at the most, she would tolerate Shelly’s ‘forgetfulness.’

The Foster and Adoption Agency Director, Veronica McDonald had asked Shelly to write an informal report based on her observations as to how well Judi was functioning as a foster mother.

Shelly shared this glowing report with Judi:

July 20th, 1995.

Dear Veronica,
Just dropping you a line to let you know how things are going. Actually, everything here with Judi and the twins exceed my greatest expectation! The loving and happy atmosphere here is foremost. Love and a warm welcome has been extended to me and has made a strong impression.
I can’t wait for each day to get started! The children are loved and secure. Judi and David surely had a deep loving marriage because Judi is steady as a rock. She is truly committed to their children. Specifically, Judi’s doing an exceptional job overall. The children are on a schedule, meals prepared to meet their nutritional needs, fun playtime, Naptimes, and development of physical, mental, and language skills. The children learn so quickly, primarily because Judi spends time with them even in play. Aside from the normal grief of losing a spouse,
Judi is happy in her role here. I have never known anyone to be as strong and poised as she. Technically, the house is clean and pleasant. Meals and bottles are prepared fresh throughout the day as needed. She has exceptional parenting skills. Her patience and discipline are constant and the children are flourishing.

Judi is focused. She is devoted to her children and looking ahead to ensure their future.

Judi has been training me with particular regard to detail in the care of the children. She shows me how she prepares a nutritional well-balanced meal and how she secures their safety. Everything is written down to help me further. Judi is obviously a strong secure woman. She is coping with her current circumstances famously. She is a woman with a purpose. She also has the support and encouragement of friends and loved ones. She’s also obviously experienced with children and a natural mother. I cannot impress upon you enough how impressed ‘I am! This is a woman of integrity and backbone!

With kindest personal regards,

(End of letter)

Understandably, Judi was dismayed to learn one year later during court proceedings that in addition to Shelly’s report lavishing praise regarding her superior parenting skills, behind Judi’s back Shelly had been casting aspersions and making negative comments to the twins’ social worker at DDSS and to The Happy Hearts Adoption Agency. In this case Shelly via a phone conversation with a DDSS Social Worker had claimed: “Judi doesn’t want the twins any more –she says it’s too hard taking care of them now….” (Portals Vol.1). Luckily, Shelly’s libelous lies had been recorded by the social worker in her official daily log. Of course, it was a complete fabrication. But why was Shelly doing this?


Dov’s visit was perfectly timed, not only because all the other guests had just left, but because Judi had recently arranged for several job interviews in L.A., and Dov was able to reschedule his departure from Colorado so he could travel on the same flight with Judi back to Los Angeles. Now that Judi had a full-time nanny installed in her home she felt it was an opportune time to return to L.A. for job interviews with two of her former employers, to start the ball rolling on the employment front, as well as to begin setting things up in preparation for her upcoming move with the twins.

Judi’s life had been a slow motion state of utter turmoil, an eerie sort of timeless limbo. As noted earlier, the search for David had stopped due to hazardous river conditions. The search resumed, Yet still no word about David. On July 21st. Judi and Dov flew back to L.A. as planned. It was in L.A. on July 25th that Judi received a jarring phone call from Shelly, her nanny in Colorado. Shelly relayed a message for Judi from the Jefferson County coroner’s offiice. Judi’s response to the news: “I let out a piercing scream!” (Portals Vol.1) Judi immediately called the coroners office only to confirm the worst.

The details were devastating. Judi learned that David’s dental records were being sought because his face was so badly decomposed a positive ID couldn’t be made without them. They say the devil is in the details, and that surely was the case with David. For starters, David’s “left hand was almost completely severed and only attached by two ligaments.” (Portals Vol.1). And there were several other disturbing anomalies and inconstancies regarding the autopsy that surfaced later.

Judi called Jeffco Homicide Investigator Don Olin to check in with him, and he assured her that Pat was going to be brought in for questioning again and a polygraph would be administered. Mr. Olin assured Judi that David’s death was “officially classified as a homicide” and that “charges are pending.” (Portals Vol.1) Don Olin’s reassurance was comforting to Judi, as now her only hope was for justice.

Ironically, the very next day, July 26th, was Judi’s birthday. Obviously, Judi wasn’t keen on a celebration of any kind. Instead, she was contemplating a funeral and the need make decisions about her dead husband’s body. Stunned and in shock, Judi caught the next available flight back to Colorado. To make matters worse, just as Judi was about to enter Evergreen, Colorado the first person she ran into was – Pat! A bad omen. Just as night follows day, more bad news was on the way.


Another setback. Judi unexpectedly got a call from the twin’s Guardian Ad Lit-em, Donald Knowles. He informed her that because Judge Wakefield was ill, the scheduled hearing to terminate the parental rights of the twin’s biological parents would instead be continued until February 13, 1996!
That meant Judi would have to stay in Colorado by herself with David’s alleged killer, Pat, still on the loose and living just up the road from her. Judi was crushed. Her faith in an all loving higher power was temporarily eclipsed by waves of grief and darkness. The original plan had been to leave Colorado with the twins in September, enabling Judi to begin her much needed healing process. Judi describes her quandary, “It was difficult to heal while driving around Evergreen and having Pat smirk at me. Now my sentence had just been extended by six months due to a Judge being sick. Where’s the justice?” (Portals Vol.1)

Frankly, Judi wasn’t sure if she would be mentally and emotionally able to withstand six more months in Colorado. But what choice did she have? What were her viable options if any? Judi mentally staged several scenarios. One option would have been to give up the twins and return to California without them and simply start a new life by herself. On the other hand, she could tough it out and stay the six months, then adopt the twins as planned, and they could all start their lives over again together as a family. After agonizing, as to what she should do, Judi solved the dilemma by reminding herself why she and David had adopted the twins in the first place. Judi exclaimed, “… David and I had a dream! Our dream was to have a family of our very own. We had sacrificed everything to make it happen. We had overcome so much to attain our dream… infertility, artificial insemination, pregnancy and miscarriage before the gift of these darling twins was given to us. We had raised them joyously together for a year. We were so close to realizing our goal of adopting the twins. I felt as if someone had cut off my left arm when I lost David. Now life was asking me to cut off my right arm by giving up the fight to keep the babies. The decision was quickly made. I would endure, and keep on enduring, until I was free to leave with the babies.” (Portals Vol. 1)


Judi had valid concerns for her safety while staying in Evergreen, Colorado. Consider that David Chase’s alleged murderer, per Jeffco Homicide Investigator Don Olin’s 600 page report, lived just up the hill within minutes of Judi’s house. Judi realized she had been followed several times as well. It seemed the publicity Judi was generating about her husband’s alleged murder angered some– to the point of “unknown” assailants seriously harassing and trying to intimidate her. Judi describes an incident: “The months of July and August 1995 were challenging to say the least! I did some interviews with the Denver TV stations about David’s death and a couple of days after those aired, the campaign of intimidation began. Guns were repeatedly fired at my property, once while the police listened over the phone. However, by the time the police arrived, no one was ever found. I was also stalked, and my house was broken into. On another occasion, I had to pass Pat driving up the narrow mountain road we shared—an unnerving experience. Our two vehicles had to stop in order to pass one another and at that moment, Pat and two other men pointed, laughed, jeered and smirked at my babies and me.” (Portals Vol.1) On another occasion, Judi had driven to Anderson’s, a local gas station, when unexpectedly two strange men began sneering at her while making threatening remarks: “Why don’t you go back to California, bitch!” (Portals Vol.1) Judi reported: “I continued to be plagued with nightmares that Pat was stalking me. In fact he actually was! But when I reported it to the police they told me that there wasn’t anything they could do unless he actually harmed me! ” (Portals Vol.1)

It boiled down to this: Judi wasn’t convinced that she could keep herself and the twins out of harms way if she were to stay in Evergreen alone. Judi was forced to make a difficult but necessary decision. She would sell her house “as is” (unfinished remodeling) immediately, then she would rent a house in a different location in Colorado. This way she and the twins would wait it out together for the pending adoption hearing, but in a safer setting.

Judi listed the house with a real estate agent and before long had a serious offer The only problem was that this offer was from a woman who utterly adored the house, but simply didn’t have the money to finish the remodeling projects that David had started but hadn’t been able to finish. To make the deal work Judi, applied a little ingenuity. A local contractor who had begun working on a job in the neighborhood needed a short term rental close to his project. So Judi offered David’s workshop space to the contractor in exchange for his completing David’s remodeling. This way all Judi had to do was buy the supplies. Because the sale of the house was a distress sale, Judi still willingly sold the property to Marge Phillips at the original”as-is” asking price. It was a win-win situation. The closing date was scheduled for November. (Portals Vol.1)


Phil and Janet Harris

Phil Harris was a retired homicide detective from Ohio. What made Phil Harris exceptional was his ability to solve cases others had given up on. Judi was intrigued and wanted to know the secret behind his success. She was astonished to learn of Phil’s special ability that enabled him to excel in solving tough cases where others would routinely fail. Judi wrote: “I asked him what he owed his successes to and he said he had this uncanny ability to hear clues from the victims of these cases.” (Portals Vol.1)) Wow! A detective that could communicate with the dead. Now there’s a cutting edge advantage. Initially, Judi had found out about Phil Harris from a Rocky Mountain News reporter., Lynn Bartells. It was Lynn who called Judi and urged her to contact Phil: “There is someone you should meet. He is a private investigator and retired police officer named Phil Harris. He says he wants to help you with the case.” Judi was stunned to learn from Lynn that Phil had told her he planned to donate his services. Judi couldn’t help but wonder why he would be willing to do such a thing for a complete stranger. Lynn’s explanation: “Well Judi, he read my article in the Rocky Mountain News on your husband and said the case was crying out for justice, and he wanted to help, so he called me to ask me to give you his number. I would call right away if I were you.” Judi took her advice and called Phil straight away to arrange a meeting in the parking lot of the twin’s school. (Portals Vol.1)

Phil was waiting in his car when Judi and the twins arrived. After introducing himself, Phil told Judi the following story: “Phil told me that he had been awoken at 4:00 a.m. in the morning by a voice that said, “my name is David Chase, I was murdered. Go look in the Sunday paper”. Phil did as requested and found a picture of David and I on our wedding day. There was a story entitled…”What Happened To My Husband?” ” Evergreen Woman Determined to Learn the Truth About His Death.” That’s why Phil had offered his services pro bono, as a private investigator. Phil continued, “David says: Tell Judi, I want to wipe the smirks off their faces.” Judi knew all too well what David was speaking about via Phil. Judi told Phil: “Only one week ago, my neighbor and another male companion were in a truck driving down the mountain as I was driving up. Our two vehicles had to stop in order to pass one another and at that moment, both men pointed, laughed, jeered and smirked at my babies and me.”That settled it for Judi. She hired Phil on the spot. To make it a legal contract, Pat asked Judi to pay him one dollar! (Portals Vol.1) Phil did some truly amazing work for Judi that not only corroborated Don Olin’s 600 page report, but opened a whole new level of motive related to David Chase’s alleged murder.

NOTE: Phil Harris was able to maintain steady and reliable contact with David Chase through-out his investigation for the next year until his {Phil’s} untimely death (murder?).


Marge Phillips was set to take possession of Judi’s house on November 15th. As a matter of fact, Judi and Marge had struck an agreement where by both of them seemingly could benefit. Since Marge would be living alone with the exception of her three small white dogs, she offered to rent Judi two bedrooms in the house that she had just purchased from Judi until February (the twins hearing). Marge welcomed the help with her new mortgage payments for a few months. Judi was pleased with the offer for obvious reasons and gratefully accepted.

Art, a friend of Judi’s from California, flew into Colorado to help Judi and the twins move their belongings to California, in a U-Haul truck rental. Essentials for day to day living as well as Judi’s two dogs were left behind in Colorado. “Oh, how I wished that moving trip could be my final one, but now, I would be forced to return to Colorado indefinitely. Why, oh why, can’t this be over?” Judi lamented, “I still needed to retain my Colorado residency in order to finalize the adoption on the twins.” (Portals Vol.1) It was a simple plan. Judi and the twins would stay in California for two weeks, unpack, and get the twins room painted and ready for when they could live there permanently. Then they would all return to Evergreen until the adoption was final.


A phone call from Marge Phillips changed everything. One of Judi’s dogs had bitten one of Marges’s small dogs and subsequently required six stitches. Marge felt the situation with the dogs was untenable. Regretfully, she informed Judi that she would have to make other plans. In other words, Judi needed to find another place to stay when she returned to Colorado. Although Judi wasn’t happy about the situation, she totally understood where Marge was coming from. Judi’s big dogs could attack Marge’s little dogs again, and the next time it could be much worse.

However, this sudden turn of events left Judi in a challenging and awkward situation. She had barely a week to figure out where she and the twins would stay when they returned to Colorado. The only person Judi could think to call was her ex-nanny Shelly to see if she knew of any houses for rent. Judi recalled that Shelly had recently moved into a rental in Denver and that it was a fairly large house.

When Judi called Shelly and asked how things were going, Shelly complained about the hard time she was having paying the rent, and she told Judi that she had placed an ad in the local paper, in the hopes of finding a suitable roommate, but so far there had been no responses. Although Shelly’s mom, Ruby was living with her she wasn’t working and wasn’t able to help with the rent. Judi proceeded to update Shelly on the twins and then explained to her about the dog situation with Marge at her old Evergreen home, that’s precisely when Shelly suggested Judi and the twins temporarily rent a room in her house. Judi accepted her offer on the spot. She had little choice, since no other options were on the table, and time was of the essence. Shelly responded by reiterating how badly she needed the extra rent money. Feeling relieved, Judi promptly called the Happy Heart’s foster agency, explained the situation, and requested that they certify Shelly’s home for foster care prior to her return to Colorado with the twins. The agency complied without a fuss.

Before returning to Colorado, while in California a friend had arranged for Judi and the twins to do a photo shoot with the world renown photographer Carl Studa


Shelly’s house was a little more upscale than Judi had anticipated. Judi wrote, “Shelly had been homeless and broke when she came to work for me as a nanny. Now she was renting a large house nicely furnished…? (Portals Vol.1) Now Judi couldn’t help but wonder how Shelly was able to afford all this on her meager salary? Good thing Shelly’s mother didn’t work, because early on Judi realized that Ruby started her day with a coffee cup filled with straight gin. Judi also found it exceedingly strange that Shelly and Ruby would furtively start whispering to each other whenever Judi entered the room. And it got stranger. Judi noted that Shelly and Ruby slept together in the same bed every single night, even though an empty bedroom was available.
It was at night, when they were in bed together, that Judi would hear lots of whispering going on between them. Oddly, they also reverted to whispering whenever anyone came to the door. Judi was baffled.


Why was Shelly’s mail delivered to a P.O. Box and not at the house, which was free and more convenient? What really piqued Judi’s curiosity was the basement. She couldn’t figure out what it was being used for. Judi was home with the twins when a delivery truck filled with furniture arrived at Shelly’s house. The furniture was for the unfinished basement, but there were no windows in the basement. Although the furniture was in good shape it wasn’t brand new. And there was more than enough room on the main level of the house to accommodate all four occupants without resorting to the basement for additional space. Judi started to feel that she and the twins were not safe at Shelly’s house. Too many oddities just didn’t add up. And it was clear that Ruby had a serious drinking problem. Judi decided it was her duty to remove the twins from this potentially dangerous environment. While Judi was mulling over the prospect of finding and renting a new and safer house for her and the twins, Phil Harris was busy investigating David Chase’s murder.


On December 6,1995, Judi was notified that she was required by DDSS to attend a meeting to discuss new information about the twins and their case. At the meeting, Judi was told that the twin’s biological mother was now drug free and termination of the mother’s parental rights was no longer an objective. Instead, a new probationary period would be tried, so DDSS could determine if the birth mother could maintain drug free stability over the next six months. The procedure would entail the twins spending monitored overnight weekend visits with their birth mom for the entire six month trial period. And if the twin’s birth mom were to fail during that time, she would automatically forfeit her parental rights. But a court hearing would still be necessary in order to legally sever her rights, enabling Judi to exercise her prom