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This following bumper sticker was designed by Mark Taylor

Columbine Survivor also he had the idea to start this website.

antidepressants kill

Warning Antidepressants Kill

Link to the sticker.

Warning Antidepressants Kill | White

Link to Sticker

1 thought on “Antidepressants Kill Sticker

  1. If you take an SSRI, your chances of developing Bipolar or other psychotic illness is increased 1200%. In studies with Marijuana BP/Schizophrenia rates stay the same 1%. There is a lot of disinformation out there about the safety of SSRI’s and the dangers of Marijuana. I say just look at the numbers they speak for themselves. I developed schizophrenia like symptoms on Paxil, and although they decreased after cessation they are permanent I’m told, and after 18months of trying will not respond positively to any medication.There is no family history of any mental illness in my family and I had no previous. Paxil was suppose to just take the edge off, it became a nightmare and I am permanent disabled.

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