USA TODAY- Dead Wrong on Columbine

What is Greg Toppo at USA TODAY thinking? His article is full of errors, most egregiously he writes, “Contrary to early reports, Harris and Klebold weren’t on antidepressant medication…


What is Greg Toppo at USA TODAY thinking?  His article is full of errors, most egregiously he writes, “Contrary to early reports, Harris and Klebold weren’t on antidepressant medication …”

10 years later,
the real [ha!] story behind Columbine

By Greg Toppo, USA TODAY

They weren’t goths or loners.

The two teenagers who killed 13 people and themselves at suburban Denver’s Columbine High School 10 years ago next week weren’t in the “Trenchcoat Mafia,” disaffected videogamers who wore cowboy dusters. The killings ignited a national debate over bullying, but the record now shows Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold hadn’t been bullied — in fact, they had bragged in diaries about picking on freshmen and “fags.”

[Wrong Mr. Toppo.  In fact, the boys got teased for being fags.  About one year prior to the shooting, Eric and his friends were recording video with one of the school’s cameras in the cafeteria.  In the video, you can clearly hear one of Eric’s friends say, “Eric just got jacked up the ass,” to which Eric replied, “I don’t know about that.”  Why didn’t Eric refute the comment?]

Their rampage put schools on alert for “enemies lists” made by troubled students, but the enemies on their list had graduated from Columbine a year earlier. Contrary to early reports, Harris and Klebold weren’t on antidepressant medication [emphasis added] and didn’t target jocks, blacks or Christians, police now say, citing the killers’ journals and witness accounts. [WHAT? The SSRI Anti-depressant in Eric Harris’ autopsy report is, or at least was, common knowledge!]

[Don’t those reporters at USA TODAY do any research?]

Struggling With Columbine’s Questions

Lawsuit Charges It Made Eric Harris Manic And Psychotic

DENVER, Oct. 22, 2001

(AP)  Families of five Columbine High School shooting victims are suing the maker of an anti-depressant that one of the student gunmen was taking when he opened fire.

A therapeutic amount of the drug Luvox was found in Eric Harris’ system after he died, the Jefferson County coroner’s office has said.

Solvay Pharmaceuticals Inc. makes the drug to treat obsessive-compulsive disorder and depression. The lawsuit filed Friday in U.S. District Court claims Solvay failed to warn Harris’ doctor about side effects.

“Such drugs caused Eric Harris to become manic and psychotic,” the lawsuit states.

Solvay’s Web site warns that the drug may impair judgment, thinking or motor skills.

The American Psychiatric Association defended Luvox in 1999, saying a decade of research found little relationship between the use of antidepressants and destructive behavior.

[If you look at the killers’ writings, the motive is clear:]



Dylan Klebold essay about diversion for killing cops
Dylan Klebold essay about diversion for killing cops

That story about a student being shot in the head after she said she believed in God? Never happened, the FBI says now.

In fact, the pair’s suicidal attack was planned as a grand — if badly implemented — terrorist bombing that quickly devolved into a 49-minute shooting rampage when the bombs Harris built fizzled.

“He was so bad at wiring those bombs, apparently they weren’t even close to working,” says Dave Cullen, author of Columbine, a new account of the attack.

So whom did they hope to kill?

Everyone — including friends.

What’s left, after peeling away a decade of myths, is perhaps more comforting than the “good kids harassed into retaliation” narrative — or perhaps not.

It’s a portrait of Harris and Klebold as a sort of In Cold Blood criminal duo — a deeply disturbed, suicidal pair who over more than a year psyched each other up for an Oklahoma City-style terrorist bombing, an apolitical, over-the-top revenge fantasy against years of snubs, slights and cruelties, real and imagined.

Along the way, they saved money from after-school jobs, took Advanced Placement classes, assembled a small arsenal and fooled everyone — friends, parents, teachers, psychologists, cops and judges.

[Fooled Everyone?  Over a period of two years, the sheriffs had been on over a dozen “Eric and Dylan” calls!]

timeline police contacts columbine january incident

“These are not ordinary kids who were bullied into retaliation,” psychologist Peter Langman writes in his new book, Why Kids Kill: Inside the Minds of School Shooters. “These are not ordinary kids who played too many video games. These are not ordinary kids who just wanted to be famous. These are simply not ordinary kids. These are kids with serious psychological problems.”

[Serious psychological problems? No doubt.  Look at the “crime scene” drawing Eric Harris made on the night of January 30, 1998.

Above van, us and red truck, what is the drawing Eric made?  The figure on the right is wearing a star (badge). Certainly, this is NOT the sheriff’s deputy walking a dog.]

closeup january incident columbine crime scene drawingDeceiving the adults

Harris, who conceived the attacks, was more than just troubled. He was, psychologists now say, a cold-blooded, predatory psychopath — a smart, charming liar with “a preposterously grand superiority complex, a revulsion for authority and an excruciating need for control,” Cullen writes.

Harris, a senior, read voraciously and got good grades when he tried, pleasing his teachers with dazzling prose — then writing in his journal about killing thousands. [He also wrote school papers about gratuitous murder, but the school, after alerting the parents, did nothing!]

“I referred to him — and I’m dating myself — as the Eddie Haskel of Columbine High School,” says Principal Frank DeAngelis, referring to the deceptively polite teen on the 1950s and ’60s sitcom Leave it to Beaver. “He was the type of kid who, when he was in front of adults, he’d tell you what you wanted to hear.”

When he wasn’t, he mixed napalm in the kitchen .

According to Cullen, one of Harris’ last journal entries read: “I hate you people for leaving me out of so many fun things. And no don’t … say, ‘Well that’s your fault,’ because it isn’t, you people had my phone #, and I asked and all, but no. No no no don’t let the weird-looking Eric KID come along.”

As he walked into the school the morning of April 20, Harris’ T-shirt read: Natural Selection.

Klebold, on the other hand, was anxious and lovelorn, summing up his life at one point in his journal as “the most miserable existence in the history of time,” Langman notes.

Harris drew swastikas in his journal; Klebold drew hearts.

As laid out in their writings, the contrast between the two was stark.

Harris seemed to feel superior to everyone — he once wrote, “I feel like God and I wish I was, having everyone being OFFICIALLY lower than me” — while Klebold was suicidally depressed and getting angrier all the time. “Me is a god, a god of sadness,” he wrote in September 1997, around his 16th birthday.

Klebold also was paranoid. “I have always been hated, by everyone and everything,” he wrote.

[The SSRI drugs have exactly the same adverse side-effects being described]:

Just a year after fluoxetine was introduced, Bill Forsyth of Maui, Hawaii, had taken it for only 12 days when he committed one of the first murder/suicides attributed to any SSRI.

In the same year Joseph Wesbecker killed eight others and himself in a Louisville, Ky., printing plant where he worked, after 4 weeks on fluoxetine. Yet as early as 1986, clinical trials showed a rate of 12.5 suicides per 1,000 subjects on fluoxetine vs. 3.8 on older non-SSRIs vs. 2.5 on placebo! An internal 1985 Lilly document found even worse results and said that benefits were less than risks. Such documents were released into the public domain by Lilly as part of the settlement in the Wesbecker case. Fifteen more “anecdotes” of murder/suicide, three with sertraline, were listed by DeGrandpre.  From:  Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons Volume 14 Number 1 Spring 2009

On the day of the attacks, his T-shirt read: Wrath.

1998 eric harris year book columbine 010-002Shooter profiles emerge

Columbine wasn’t the first K-12 school shooting. But at the time it was by far the worst, and the first to play out largely on live television.

The U.S. Secret Service and U.S. Education Department soon began studying school shooters. In 2002, researchers presented their first findings: School shooters, they said, followed no set profile, but most were depressed and felt persecuted.

Princeton sociologist Katherine Newman, co-author of the 2004 book Rampage: The Social Roots of School Shootings, says young people such as Harris and Klebold are not loners — they’re just not accepted by the kids who count. “Getting attention by becoming notorious is better than being a failure.”

The Secret Service found that school shooters usually tell other kids about their plans.

“Other students often even egg them on,” says Newman, who led a congressionally mandated study on school shootings. “Then they end up with this escalating commitment. It’s not a sudden snapping.”

Langman, whose book profiles 10 shooters, including Harris and Klebold, found that nine suffered from depression and suicidal thoughts, a “potentially dangerous” combination, he says. “It is hard to prevent murder when killers do not care if they live or die. It is like trying to stop a suicide bomber.”

[Except that in this case, you have Eric Harris in the juvenile program in Jefferson County, where, just months before the shooting, he checks off “homicidal thoughts” on his mental health evaluation form.  Plus there was a draft search warrant for his house to look for pipe bombs, plus the school knew about his homicidal writings!]

At the time, Columbine became a kind of giant national Rorschach test. Observers saw its genesis in just about everything: lax parenting, lax gun laws, progressive schooling, repressive school culture, violent video games, antidepressant drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, for starters. [We don’t blame rock ‘n’ roll!]

Many of the Columbine myths emerged before the shooting stopped, as rumors, misunderstandings and wishful thinking swirled in an echo chamber among witnesses, survivors, officials and the news media.

Police contributed to the mess by talking to reporters before they knew facts — a hastily called news conference by the Jefferson County sheriff that afternoon produced the first headline: “Twenty-five dead in Colorado.”

A few inaccuracies took hours to clear up, but others took weeks or months — sometimes years — as authorities reluctantly set the record straight.

Former Rocky Mountain News reporter Jeff Kass, author of a new book, Columbine: A True Crime Story, says police played a game of “Open Records charades.”

In one case, county officials took five years just to acknowledge that they had met in secret after the attacks to discuss a 1998 affidavit for a search warrant on Harris’ home — it was the result of a complaint against him by the mother of a former friend. Harris had threatened her son on his website and bragged that he had been building bombs.

Police already had found a small bomb matching Harris’ description near his home — but investigators never presented the affidavit to a judge. [This makes no sense.  After having recovered and matched an exploded bomb, and seen Eric’s website describing EXACTLY the same bomb construction, the investigators never go to a judge, WHY?  This has never been looked into completely.  We do know that the Jefferson County Sheriff’s department released the bomb warrant affidavit to 60 Minutes AFTER a Judge ordered it released in 2004.  Isn’t it obvious, that the Sheriff’s Department tried to bury the bomb warrant so it wouldn’t lead to an investigation of the “January Incident”]

They also apparently didn’t know that Harris and Klebold were on probation after having been arrested in January 1998 for breaking into a van and stealing electronics.

The search finally took place, but only after the shootings.

Meticulous planning

What’s now beyond dispute — largely from the killers’ journals, which have been released over the past few years, is this: Harris and Klebold killed 13 and wounded 24, but they had hoped to kill thousands.

The pair planned the attacks for more than a year, building 100 bombs and persuading friends to buy them guns. Just after 11 a.m. on April 20, they lugged a pair of duffel bags containing propane-tank bombs into Columbine’s crowded cafeteria and another into the kitchen, then stepped outside and waited.

Had the bombs exploded, they’d have killed virtually everyone eating lunch and brought the school’s second-story library down atop the cafeteria, police say. Armed with a pistol, a rifle and two sawed-off shotguns, the pair planned to pick off survivors fleeing the carnage.

As a last terrorist act, a pair of gasoline bombs planted in Harris’ Honda and Klebold’s BMW had been rigged apparently to kill police, rescue teams, journalists and parents who rushed to the school — long after the pair expected they would be dead.

The pair had parked the cars about 100 yards apart in the student lot. The bombs didn’t go off.

Looking for answers at home

Since 1999, many people have looked to the boys’ parents for answers, but a transcript of their 2003 court-ordered deposition to the victims’ parents remains sealed until 2027.  [2027!!! What’s in these depositions that is so hot?  This stinks of a cover-up.  In the Franklin Coverup, attorney and author, John DeCamp writes, FINAL COMMENT & UPDATE: I have become involved in a number of super high profile cases since First Edition of Franklin Cover-Up came out …. but, perhaps the most frightening to me has been the COLUMBINE case where I represented various victims of the massacre and/or their families. I believe as a result of those cases I am the only lawyer to have taken the depositions of the Harris boy’s mother & father, and I am one of the only victims’ lawyers to have seen certain Columbine materials and tapes.”]

The Klebolds spoke to New York Times columnist David Brooks in 2004 and impressed Brooks as “a well-educated, reflective, highly intelligent couple” who spent plenty of time with their son. They said they had no clues about Dylan’s mental state and regretted not seeing that he was suicidal.

Could the parents have prevented the massacre? The FBI special agent in charge of the investigation has gone on record as having “the utmost sympathy” for the Harris and Klebold families.

“They have been vilified without information,” retired supervisory special agent Dwayne Fuselier tells Cullen.

[No mention here of the well established fact that Mr. Harris knew about Eric’s bomb making and actually helped him detonate a pipe-bomb in a field near their home]

Cullen, who has spent most of the past decade poring over the record, comes away with a bit of sympathy.

For one thing, he notes, Harris’ parents “knew they had a problem — they thought they were dealing with it. What kind of parent is going to think, ‘Well, maybe Eric’s a mass murderer.’ You just don’t go there.”

He got a good look at the boys’ writings only in the past couple of years. Among the revelations: Eric Harris was financing what could well have been the biggest domestic terrorist attack on U.S. soil on wages from a part-time job at a pizza parlor.

“One of the scary things is that money was one of the limiting factors here,” Cullen says.

Had Harris, then 18, put off the attacks for a few years and landed a well-paying job, he says, “he could be much more like Tim McVeigh,” mixing fertilizer bombs like those used in Oklahoma City in 1995.As it was, he says, the fact that Harris carried out the attack when he did probably saved hundreds of lives.

“His limited salary probably limited the number of people who died.”

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36 thoughts on “USA TODAY- Dead Wrong on Columbine

  1. Thanks for this review. After reading the comments to the original story, I found that Toppo got it all wrong. What sort of Jedi mind trick is he trying to play? 10 years afterward he makes it all into a big myth. The sealed files and the lack of investigation (other shooters?) make this whole story suspicious.

  2. Today, you can pretty much assume that if the mainstream media tells you something that it is a LIE. Often, the exact opposite of what they say is the truth.

    There are so many questions. Why did these two kids get special treatment? Was it just because they were well to do? Are there other connections that came into play?

    The big one for me is what about the reports that there were MORE shooters than just Dylan and Eric? What if the investigation is buried because there were other well to do kids involved and they just want to pin it on these two and let the others go?

    We all know the “justice” system is a farce. It is basically justice for the highest bidder. And the only protection the police seem to be concerned with is covering their own behinds … Very sad state for a once great nation like ours.

    Ron Admin:
    What you see as special treatment, we see as Walsh buttrape cover up. The authorities didn’t want to give Eric and Dylan a chance to air their grievances about their abuse in a courtroom, so instead they tried to deal with them outside of the judicial process. There were over 15 contacts with Law Enforcement. Eric and Dylan’ families weren’t any different financially than most of the kids at Columbine.
    Jefferson County made every attempt to keep the tragedy out of the courtroom so it would have been counter-productive to charge other participants. The courts were engaged in Cover-up and history shows that they were quite successful.

  3. The one thing that troubles me about all of the shootings that have taken place since the Columbine shooting that is NOT being addressed ANYWHERE is the fact that not only are the people accused of these shootings previously under the care of a psychologist or psychiatrist and on legal psychotropic drugs but one thing that defies human nature is the fact that 100% of the shooters commits suicide. If this was “normal”, all soldiers that return from wars would do the same, they don’t! I think it is possible that these shooters were “Programmed” to do these things by their psychologists and were instructed through this “programming” to kill themselves to destroy the evidence. This technology is very much utilized and this needs to be addressed more than it has been. Research MK ULTRA!

    Ron Admin:
    I agree that much of this mind control/drugging can be seen as a black ops program. We have little information to prove it. We have to stick with information we have and as a result, can only suspicion what link MK ultra may have.

  4. Thank you for this. I was very upset when I read the original article. I have spoked to Darrell Scott, and knew that a lot of this stuff wasn’t right. Thank you for clearifying this.

  5. First, ask yourself this question: How could ANYONE mess up the facts so badly? It appears as if this was deliberate.

    Next question: Why do this? Could it be so people would start discussing this tragedy again?

    Last Question: Again, why bring this up now?

    Answer: To get people riled up about gun control. To pass legislation to nullify the Second Amendment to the Constitution. That’s the REAL reason this “article” came out. What people don’t know is that the CIA has infiltrated the mass media with their own “people” (if you can call them that) since the 1960’s. Toppo’s USA Today article is just another set up.

    Please be cautious.

    Ron Admin:
    Thanks for your concern. Unfortunately, Mark Taylor has already been attacked through chemical lobotomy tactics. This is the reason we so desperately need to get this truth out. There is no end to what they are capable of. The Families of the victims continue to be victimized. The people who do this are being paid by our taxes. They are traitors to the people of the United States. Please help us get a complete independent investigation before more atrocities are perpetrated against us.

  6. We sincerely thank you for your interest. Please support us in getting a full independent investigation of the Columbine Tragedy. This corruption brings shame to the United States. The world needs to know the conditions here. They are despicable. We, the people of this country need to hold our government accountable for this corrupt conduct both domestic and internationally. Thanks again.

  7. Imagine what it is like for those of us with dead and injured children who have had to tolerate the lies and the cover up and then to learn recently that the Jefferson county Government was so unbelievably corrupt to be raping and trafficking children.

  8. We can all agree that USA today’s article is filled with lies.

    But this thing about Eric being raped by a cop is equally disturbing. Who are you kidding?

    His friend said “Eric got jacked up the ass” because he was JOKING. He was referring to the fact that Eric wouldn’t talk to the girl he liked. The whole video they are trying to get him to talk to a girl, but he is reluctant. That’s the only reason he said it. And it’s totally out of context. He says, “Oh, Eric just got jacked. Eric got jacked up the ass.”

    The January incident was in January 1998, the van break-in. That video was made in September 1998.

    That drawing is scribbles combined with a bad scanning job.

    The original drawing in the 11,000 pages is of the same poor quality. The Walsh Buttrape.txt, is not a theory. It is a file that the El Paso Sheriff’s dept named and it contains the picture Eric Harris drew while under arrest.
    Do you agree that this arrest should be investigated or are you saying that it shouldn’t be investigated based on your opinion of what the expression on Eric Harris’s face means? What is your opinion of the yearbook message from Dylan to Eric? Do you not see it as the written motive of the killers? To avenge the January Incident.
    Go to about 39 minutes on this video. It briefly discusses the January Incident.

  9. It looks like you will be busy when you get back to California. The Sandra Cantu case looks like it is a part of the same trafficking operation as the Butte Montana Plane Crash. The missing Pullen family associated with the largest abortion ring in the country is from the adjoining town and the corrupt FBI investigator Kenneth V Lanning is doing the counter intel. You might find out what association Hillary Clinton has with this group.

  10. Limited hang-out alert! This is also a fake counter-propaganda piece to keep people away from checking other websites with info about other people involved in the shooting, esp some of a certain ethnicity. Do some searching to find out more.

    Ron Admin:
    Counter-intel? I see it as just the opposite. Go sell your racist agenda elsewhere.

  11. A few things need to be mentioned.

    The FBI blocked the investigation because the lead agent was a father of one of the boys in the cutsie made for media “Trench Coat Mafia”.

    Another item bears mention that may explain why Columbine was seemingly swept under the rug as anxious mainstream media gaffers desperately sought an OJ Simpson-ish distraction to to keep details of the facts hidden, like a Catholic priest being accused of fondling or a bear in the corner store cartoon.

    For example, had the Trench Coaties all been Muslim – it would have played day and night – “Wacko Muslims Boys Wack Future Trophy Wives”. Had they been Christian – “Right Wing Christian Fundamentalist Lads Murder Future Trophy Wives Because Abortion is a Sin”. But these lads were all of the same faith. A small insignificant faith that dutifully conditions inadequacy complexes as part of the child rearing ritual. The FBI father of one of the boys, the FBI agent that told the Columbine Sheriff to withdraw his investigation, can also be counted among the faithful. They were all parishioners of the State Church of Israel. And that, my fine feathered friends, is why the logistics of moving all that ordinance into school never went beyond the Trenchies found dead in the high school after venting an inferiority complex of biblical dimensions.

    Google yourself: Agent Fusilier was the father that spawned one of those claptraps still breathing – still oozing malicious inadequacy issues that would be best suited for bullying a Palestinian Grandmother – that’s what there bred for!

  12. how can it be 10 years later & still the media is handling Columbine horrendously. I would 100% support another investigation.
    perhaps the are keeping the depos sealed till 2027 so that they can bring it up again just as they will in 25 years when the “basement tapes” are up for review & possible release again.

    I knew Kimveer Gill & Pekka-Eric Auvinen(dawson’s college Jokela massacre) over the internet. we discussed Columbine & similar subject all the time & yet i never saw it coming. so to say that they usually tell someone about it is a dangerous assumption. being that i knew these kids, i also know that they are not “monsters” as they are usually portrayed. they were intelligent young men. Pekka said he hoped his shooting would be the last one that ever “had” to happen. somewhere along the way he(as well as many others) misconstrued their efforts & feelings. not a day goes by that i don’t think about them. i still talk to Pekka’s Mother & i can tell you that the parents are not to blame in these cases, & to do so is irresponsible, lazy, & downright childish. it disappoints me that no one is willing to look at their community & say, “maybe there is something we did that helped this along… we need to fix this” we need to find out why these disaffected kids feel that murder is the right thing to do. why do they slip so easily into that mindset? if you want to blame anyone… blame America.

    i could keep going but i’m sure everyone knows the truth. it’s just a matter of getting it out there & having it heard.

  13. These kind of lies are all about damage control. No serious medication with the potential for psychotic side effects should ever be given to a person who may abuse street drugs.

    (Loved your research BTW. Care to guess how Melissa Huckaby swallowed three X-acto knife blades that somehow made it to her intestines without interfering with her breathing mechanisms in a “suicide” attempt? That’s got hoax written all over it.)

    Ron Admin: So true. There are other strange happenings in this case. The link to the Butte Montana Plane crash, is that the disappeared Pullens of the abortion clinic family are from the neighboring town of Lodi California. There are many more odd things that create a suspicion that this tragedy is connected. More research needs to be done. Case not closed.

  14. I think if you took the whole “ass rape” theory out, this page might be credible. (Refer to my other comment.) Unfortunately, you have made-up theories mixed with some truth, how is a reader supposed to know what is true?

    Ron Admin:
    The Wash buttrape is a file in the El Paso county Sheriff’s Dept. It is not a theory. Explain yourself and be more specific in your accusations. There are no made up theories. This is all documented and it is all true. You attempt to discredit our findings with no information and no documentation. I wonder, Do you not want a complete independent investigation? If not, Why?

  15. According to the many eyewitnesses, there were more than 2 shooters. Some eyewitness reports describe shooters much older than high school age. The Sheriff’s dept. and the legal system did anything they could to keep from having the Columbine tragedy enter a courtroom. This could account for their reluctance to prosecute others involved. The only cases that were brought to court ended with the persons involved being placed on gag order. Interestingly,judge Patricia Coan, who was appointed by Clinton on 4-21-99, was the judge who unsuccessfully attempted to destroy the depositions and the basement tapes.

  16. The Walsh buttrape.txt is not a theory, it is a file in the El Paso County records. It was labeled by El Paso County. It is a picture drawn by killer Eric Harris the night of his arrest on Jan. 30,1998. We have no made up theories. We document everything with fact. It you need help in understanding the information , we would like to help walk you through it. We need more specific information as to what you suggest is made-up.

  17. So much of the information the killers left behind shows that they were angry at the community but the media and authorities kept it in the school yard. They discussed targeting areas such as town centers etc. Dylan even had a bumper sticker that said,”I hate this town”.
    The slow dissemination of the information has fed the mystique surrounding the Columbine tragedy. The spin originally told about bullying jocks has been debunked but most kids still believe that Eric and Dylan were retaliating against classmates for hallway harassment. This has fueled hate for the popular kids at school and has resulted in many copycat killers who have issues with school bullies.

  18. The more they try to cover it up, the more the truth will be known.

    Truth always has a way of coming out. Be it now or ten years from now. The truth always comes out.

  19. Walsh buttrape.txt is not a theory, it is a file in the El Paso county records. Be more specific in your accusations of made up theories.

    Everything will be backed up with fact and documentation. We are volunteers who have been asked by some of the families of the dead and injured to research the tragedy. The Judi Chase Amber Alert was a significant discovery. It exposes the corruption that was,is, in place in the Jefferson County Government. It exposes who the Columbine bullies are and also links these bullies to the Jon Benet Ramsey case. Research we did months ago in attempting to locate Tim Walsh, led us to think that he was in a law enforcement family and is the son of Sheriff John Walsh of Butte Montana. The Butte Montana plane crash according to an eyewitness, Mr. Hagler of Table mountain Aviation, had approx. a dozen very cute 6-10 year old children aboard. A thorough independent investigation would prove that these children were not the families that are the persons purported dead but instead, were sexual slave children that were being transported to the Yellowstone Club.

  20. (This is from a post I made years ago on another forum):

    Side effects being worse than the original condition? The ultimate example of this is probably SSRIs (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors) such as Prozac®, Paxil®, Luvox®, Zoloft®, etc.

    Remember how, recently, the FDA has required that such medications now carry warning labels warning of the risk of suicidal tendencies when used by youth? The pharmaceutical industry got off lightly on that one.

    You see, it’s not just a matter of the very same anti-depressants drugs, being given by parents hoping to prevent their children from committing suicide, actually •causing• them to commit suicide. As bad as •that• is, it gets •worse•! You see, it’s •how• they often commit suicide that’s the •real• problem.

    A lot of scapegoats have come and gone in the attempts to try to explain the horrible rash of school multiple-killings that occurred in the late 1990s and early 2000s, including Columbine. Many politicians tried to use those tragedies to promote their pet political goals (Senator Orrin Hatch lost a lot of my respect for him when he tried to claim that such things happened because we never made it illegal to burn the American Flag, and tried to use that tragedy to push through his proposed [and, thankfully, soundly defeated] Anti-Flag Desecration Amendment [he claimed that kids did such things because “they didn’t have anything bigger than themselves to believe in” — even if that were true, shouldn’t that “something bigger” be, oh, I dunno, God, or country, or even family, instead of a •rectangular piece of colored cloth•!? But I digress…]).

    Most of the proposed scapegoats, though, cannot explain the simple fact that the rash of school killings was just that: a •rash•. It was not some gradual trend. They started •suddenly• (the first was on Feb. 2, 1996, in Moses Lake, Washington — prior to that, you may find •one• case of premeditated multiple target / multiple victim killing sprees [as opposed to one-on-one murders or gang violence — still a great evil of course, but not •nearly• the same level of incomprehensible, inexplicable, seemingly random evil we’re talking about here] taking place in a school, in any given •decade• throughout American history up until that date). The frequency then followed pretty much a typical but very, very steep Gaussian normal distribution bell curve, with the peak on May 21, 1998 (five separate incidents in that one day, in disparate parts of the nation [though not all resulted in actual death or even injury]), then a slower fall-off down to much lower levels, but, of course, they do still happen occasionally and all too often.

    •Nothing gradual• can explain this. And all of the usual scapegoats were gradual things. Bullying? Been around for millennia. Violent entertainment? Ever hear of Westerns? Violent, immersive, realistic games of killing? Ever hear of “Cops and Robbers” or “Cowboys and Indians”? Those were •far• more immersive and realistic than •any• video game! In those, a real child sights along a physical toy gun (or even a long stick if a toy gun isn’t handy, but that still beats a mouse or joystick or keyboard!) that he actually hefts in his real hands, at one of his real live playmates, lines up a head or chest shot at a •real live child•, and pulls the trigger! With a cap gun (common in my day), there’s even audible feedback! The playmate then performs a death simulation act of varying realism. And yet, the kids who played this •never once• (to the best of my knowledge) went on to shoot up their schools!

    What other scapegoats: decline in parenting? Decline in religious faith? Decline in education? Teaching evolution instead of Creationism? All of those are •way• too gradual to explain a rise from nearly •nothing• to a sharp peak in slightly more than two years!

    There’s more: until after 2000, •none• of the fatal incidents took place •anywhere except• in a “nice, peaceful” •middle-class small town• or suburb! Not •one• of them took place in “’da Hood”! Littleton, •not• Denver. Pearl, MS, •not• Jackson. And so on. And, while the news media never made any mention of this fact, •all• of the perpetrators until 2001 were •middle-class• and upper-middle-class •white males•! •All• of them!

    Are the pieces beginning to fall into place here? The late 1990s is when these drugs first began to be prescribed to youth en masse. The rise in school killings parallels, but with a slight time delay (just enough to allow for cause-and-effect), the rise in usage of these drugs. The demographics match those of those most likely to be given such drugs (upper-middle-class and middle-class white males in small towns and suburbs — their parents are more likely to be able to afford them, and have access to the mental health practitioners needed to prescribe them, and have the desire to do so). And even the late extension of these crimes to other demographics (in 2001 there was one in San Diego by a Hispanic young man, the first to happen in a large city or by a minority) matches the fact that such drugs, once established among those who can afford to pay for them, then branch out through well-meaning charities and government subsidies to those who formerly could not afford such “helpful treatment.” The decline after the peak was preceded by the pharmaceutical companies releasing revised prescribing guidelines to psychiatrists, warning them to be more careful in prescribing them to youth.

    Moreover, there is an •actual known physical mechanism• linking these strong correlations. There is an actual known side-effect called “hypermania” that can result from these drugs. Hypermania is •very• rare from any other cause: nearly •all• known cases in modern times are from side-effects of SSRIs (another potential cause, though very rare, is a blow to the head, which likely explains Andrew Kehoe, the “Maniac Bomber” [•Hyper•maniac Bomber?] of the May, 1927 Bath School Disaster in Bath, Michigan — contrary to what the news media reported, Columbine was •not• the worst premeditated school massacre in American history — this one was, though it differs in that Mr. Kehoe was an adult [55 at the time], not a student at the school — he was known to have suffered a blow to a head prior to the incident [also, few of the usual scapegoats apply to him: violent computer games, violent TV shows, etc. simply didn’t exist in 1927, let alone during his childhood and teen years in the 1880s–1890s!]).

    Hypermania is most likely to happen when the drugs are misprescribed (e. g. given to a bipolar kid when the psychiatrist thinks that the kid was suffering from straight depression [an easy mistake to make, since until relatively recently bipolar disorder was not known to affect youth, and since a single depressive stage can last for weeks or months on end, if that’s the only time that the psychiatrist sees the patient, unipolar depression is a reasonable diagnostic conclusion]), misused (improper dosages, interactions with other drugs), or withdrawn from incorrectly (the withdrawal must be •very• gradual!).

    What is hypermania? Remember that bipolar used to be called “•manic•-depressive psychosis.” Mania was the other side of the coin from the depression. Mania is •not• insanity. A manic person still has coherent thought processes, unlike with true insanity. It’s just the emotions that get messed up, as with depression though usually in an opposite manner. There are many types of manias, including pyromania, kleptomania, megalomania, monomania, etc. Hypermania is basically those last two combined and amplified to the Nth degree. A hypermanic person loses feelings of connectedness with other people, even loved ones (one young girl stabbed her favorite great aunt to death while on such drugs), and also the conscience (in fact, this is actually an •advertised marketing point• of these drugs, even when they work •correctly!• Ever see the Zoloft commercial from a few years ago describing the symptoms of depression, and asking, “Do you ever have feelings of hopelessness, sadness, … •guilt•, …?” What •is• guilt, but the •conscience•? By their •own admission• — nay, by their own •marketing!• — these drugs •shut down the human conscience•, and •that’s• even when they work •correctly!•), yet retains the ability to form connected thoughts, and even plan and carry out detailed schemes. Indeed, one of the symptoms is “overproduction of ideas”! Sound familiar?

    Now, here’s the kicker: of •all• of the perpetrators of the school multiple killings, •several• of them are •known• to have been on such drugs. •Even if• they were the •only• ones, that would •still• be a •much• greater percentage (15% [at the time I wrote this — higher now, since we can add in Cho of Virginia Tech, among others]) than the SSRI users among the general population of their demographics! But, the medical records of all of the others are sealed. We have exactly •zero• known counter-examples of perpetrators known for a fact to have •not• been on SSRIs at or before (improper withdrawal, remember?) the time of the incidents! One of the •known• SSRI users was Eric Harris of Columbine, on Luvox.

    It’s not just kids. Back in the 80s, a similar narrow Gaussian curve with a sharp peak of unexplained violence of a similar nature among a very specific group of people took place. Though no such incidents have happened for over a generation now, it was still newsworthy enough to have caused a whole new two-word idiom to be added to the English language. Who else here remembers when “going postal” only referred to how you might ship a package?

    This was at a time when the Government was subsidizing mental health and thus SSRI prescriptions to Government employees such as — yep, you guessed it — •postal workers!• Again, the peak dropped off rapidly •just• as the pharmaceutical companies started backing off on the levels of prescribing of these drugs.

    Remember actor-comedian Phil Hartman and his tragic death at the hands of his wife, who also killed herself at the time? At her autopsy, she had Zoloft •in her bloodstream!• Yes, she also had alcohol and cocaine, but she’d been using those for some time. Only the Zoloft was relatively new.

    To recap: we have •very• strong statistical correlation, both in time and in demographics, that matches up •far• better than •any• other proposed cause for the school shootings. We have other related rashes of violence, and individual cases of violence, with similar M.O.s and characteristics, and, in the case of rashes such as the postal worker violence rash of the 1980s, similarly strong temporal correlations, also connected to these drugs. We have a direct method of actual causation (hypermania, a •known• side-effect that can •indeed• cause previously-normal people to kill other people in particular, very recognizable ways, without feeling).

    It’s pretty obvious that the pharmaceutical companies know about this. They keep changing their ways whenever it gets too bad, and it looks like the links might become too obvious. Of course, they have never admitted culpability. Of •course• not! This is a liability nightmare that would make second-hand smoke’s liability impact on the tobacco industry look like chump change in comparison! At least, one who is asthmatic or otherwise wants to avoid smoke can tell when someone else is smoking nearby, and try to avoid it!

    The parents of Eric Harris may have read the literature on Luvox, but not understood just what “hypermania” meant or implied. Regardless, they believed (wrongly, as it turned out) that the benefits outweighed the risk. •They• at least had a •choice•. Eric himself may well have participated in that choice. But what choice did the students who died that day have? Who told •their• parents that their kids were at risk of dying suddenly and horribly from a •side-effect• of a pharmaceutical that •somebody else• was taking?

    [I wrote this before “Sicko” was released, and Charlton Heston was still alive]: Open aside to Michael Moore: you have a golden opportunity here to redeem yourself for •Bowling for Columbine•. I understand that your next documentary is an exposé on the pharmaceutical industry [actually, it turned out to be more on the medical insurance industry, as I understand it — I have yet to have the opportunity actually see “Sicko”]. Take this information, research it, and run with it. Do what I did: type “school shootings SSRI” into Google (about 1700 links when I did it again just now [more now since I wrote this]). You blamed the NRA and especially Charlton Heston unfairly, and used your clever editing tactics to make him out to be a racist when he was in fact one of the prime movers in breaking the color barrier in Hollywood (and, yes, there was one) alongside Martin Luther King Jr. in 1963, and •led• the Hollywood actor’s component in MLKjr’s 1964 Civil Rights March on Washington. B4C •did• deserve an Oscar, IMO, but not the one it got (it should’ve gotten “Technical Excellence in Editing” for the maliciously but expertly done underhanded editing tricks and shenanigans you pulled). Now you know the •real• culprits ultimately behind Columbine and other school shooting incidents, and it’s •right up your alley:• corporate greed, malfeasance, and cover-ups, in the •very industry• that you’re •already currently investigating!•

    Do the right thing this time, Michael. Your influence is very powerful, and could blow this case wide open.

  21. Once again I have spoken to a lot of people that were directly involved. Yesterday I had a conversation with Randy Brown and I asked his opinion on the “January incident”. He told me Eric’s drawing is of the Columbine Caff where kids on that day threw a tampon at him, Eric was deeply angered and Randy felt this was Eric’s last straw. The January incident really isn’t relevant, it’s just the happening that capped it off for him.. that’s why he speaks of it so strongly.

    I’m not denying there is a cover up, I’m just trying to be logical and not fall into a thought induced delusion.

  22. Columbine family
    […] USA TODAY- Dead Wrong on Columbine | columbinefamilyrequest.org10 years later, the real [ha!] story behind Columbine … The missing Pullen family associated with the largest abortion ring in the country is from the adjoining town and the corrupt FBI investigator Kenneth V Lanning is doing the counter intel. You might find out what association Hillary Clinton has with this group. […]

  23. The January incident is relevant as that was stated as their motive. As Dylan wrote, “my wrath….January’s incident” There may have been an incident in the cafeteria, but there is no evidence that a tampon with ketchup was what pushed Eric over the edge.

    If you recall, Dylan mentions a killing spree first. Also, the drawing cannot be the cafeteria as it was introduced into evidence as a drawing of the crime scene, therefore it cannot be in the cafeteria.

    Thanks for writing….Rose

    A big issue is the drawing that

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